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The sea has always guided people. The industry evolved, new devices and machines emerged, and soon numerous ships and ships were given to the water. He read about his writings in the article.

What is a ship?

If you believe in the explanatory dictionary, the ship is a large ship that can be used for the purposes of Equality. This word has nothing to do with the subject. I mean, there's an unfluned spacecraft, but they're wandering outside our planet. With their help, scientists learn about the universe and examine the changes that occur with the Earth.

Types of vesselsBefore you tell me what kind you are, you have to answer a question. His essence lies in the fact that in any definition of the word "ship" another word is a "ship". Why is this happening? The truth is, the "ship" is a wide concept from boats to big shirts, including all kinds of floating vehicles.

What kind of ships are there?

There are several classifications of ships. Each of these is definitely different from a ship on a certain basis. So, the type of ship depends on the following:

  • From the field where the route works.
  • The way and the type of movement.
  • What's the main engine?
  • The architecture of the ship and the material it is made of.

Types of ships of RussiaThe Methods for classifying these vessels are considered helpful, as provided in This article. They're being formally admitted all over the world. At the same time, they are not considered basic. The most important classification is the separation of vessels according to their objectives.

Target of ships

Different types of vessels. They are often divided into groups according to their goals. So, almost all countries in the world are considered the following court classification:

  • Transport.
  • Service and support.
  • Fishing.
  • The ships of the technical fleet.

Transport vessels

The basis of any State fleet is shipping vessels. They are divided into groups in turn. The main ship types in this category are:

  • Passenger. For people who move from one point on the map to the other, the individual cabins are allocated inside. They're hosting more than ten people at a time. There's a lot of boats. Even some kind of sailboats belong to this group.
  • Load. They are also divided into two groups: general purpose vessels and specialized ones.

Types of sailing vessels

Dry cargo vessels

As mentioned earlier, cargo ships are divided into large groups. They are divided into smaller ones, respectively. Everything depends on what is to be transported with their help. Thus, general cargo is transported on general cargo vessels. The design of such vessels accommodates several holders, one, two or three floors and one machine apartment.

Specialized vessels are used for different purposes. They carry deteriorable products. Ships loaded with them are called refrigerator vessels. If the cargo was previously placed in a large container, it will be installed on a container ship. For those who are prepared for shipping on a trailer, another type of ship is created-a trailer.

Bulk Carburslike ore, coal, Fertilizers, construction materials and grain constitute more than seventy percent of the things transported by sea. Therefore, vessels without a definite name are becoming more popular and rapidly flowing into the water fields. Timber trucks are ships for transporting timber, timber and other things. The speed is designed to reach 15 knots. However, they are often used for their intended purposes.

Self propelled vessels

What you can't do if you can't carry on dry cargo vessels, bottling, liquid vessels are specifically designed for transporting liquids. It is oil and products based on it, various gases, acids and chemicals. There are numerous water crafts designed for transporting liquid loads. Then, in this category, we rank the main ship types (photos of different boats can be seen in the article). They're creating most of the launched cargo ships.

Ship Types Photo

  • Tankers-the most popular group. Structures are designed to include transition bridges, a fire protection system. They can lift a weight that is measured in thousands of tons. And that's the minimum. Even the heaviest loads transported to them could weigh four hundred thousand. Of course, the ships that can move this gravity from their seats are super tankers.
  • Gas carriers-vessels intended for transport of natural, petroleum and other gases. The ingredients are carefully packaged, placed in a cool place. The cargo placed on these vessels is explosive, so special fire protection systems have been developed for them.

Military vessels

Almost all States armed forces. Because sea and river routes are of great importance, it is necessary to protect the country from this side. For this reason, special vessels used for military purposes are being built. They can also be used to transport technical goods and equipment such as helicopters.

Mistral type vessels"Mistral" type vessels are universalis. It is designed to perform several functions at the same time. So they can land a motorized military unit on the ground. They're not only accepting, but they also serve helicopter guns. They can also have a command center and even a floating hospital.

Types of ships of Russia

The territory of our country is the same as in the whole world classification of ships. So, ships floating in rivers and seas of Russia are also divided into cargo and passengers, transportation and military and others. Of course, anyone who is connected to the construction of the sea and the ships in a way or another way is familiar with the less common classification types of vessels.

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