What is a Broker? What does the Broker do? What is a Broker on board?

 As it is known, the BROKERNESS profession in our country has become very popular among young people in recent years.

 It has been one of the main causes of this tendency to be seen in young generations as the owner of a lot of people who started this profession as Broker 30-40 years ago.

 The main reason behind the desire to become a Broker is that this profession is not a monotonous business, it is an integrated business with the world, the highest level of excitement and adrenaline in the process of connection and negotiation, as well as law, economics and technical considerations, 3 main Discipline, as well as being completely EMOTIONAL. That is, the expectation of high earnings and being rich, or even in the past, is the love or expectation of becoming an AR

SON. Moreover, these high gains could be achieved with a good high school English without graduating from any high school or faculty that provided a profession concession in the past. Even further, it was possible to work as a broker in this field for years with the knowledge of the 4-5 notebook page and to earn big money. HOWEVER, t

he SITUATION FOR this DAY is Different from th

e PAST, with the thought of showing the way TO the young generations in This article, the wrong information about this profession and tried to explain where the professi

on evolved towards. 1-is the name of this profession BR

OKERıNG or BROCKGUN? Last year, a competent authority in this profession, an important university in a presentation that was mistakenly called Brokering was the name of the Brokıng, he suggested.  However, many brokers use Brokering statements in their advertisements. So what's right? The correct direction is that both expressions can be used.

The Baltics Exchange and ICS (the Institute of International Chartered Shıpbrokers) prefer to use Broking expression, while the World maritime Trade University uses Brokering. (The name of one of the education programs of this university is Chartering Practıce and Ship Brokering. As is known, the word Broker appeared in Britain in 1355 and entered the English. It is also known that in English noun (name) ' ' Ing ' ' can be used as a verb with the purchase of a ' ' waterıng = Irrigation ' ' like. Although I am not a linguist, I do not want to get into more detail in this regard, but I personally do not hesitate to use the two words abov

e. 2-Forwarder Broker, or Forwardıng B

roker; In this area, this type of identification is witnessed. The functions of the forwarders are different from each other with the functions of brokers. While the forwarders offer a more comprehensive and broad service than brokers, they are only intermediaries to transport the broker while they are carrying out the transportation business with their non-owned vehicles, and most often carry the title. Even when the forwarder connects the freight, the service it offers to its customers goes far beyond a brokerability service. In fact, in practice and literature, the services made by brokers nowadays are varied (especially in the coster market in our country.) (E.g. Demmurage/Despa

tch calculations, agency determination, market research etc.) does not enter into the principal transport of a broker. If it does not mediate its work, it will be the transportation business. With the introduction and development of container transportation, the Forwarder function in conventional transports has also changed, and according to American terminology NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrrıer), according to Continental European terminology (Non Vessel Operatıng Contaıner Carrıer) In short, the concept of Non-ship operator NVOC. These companies, while consolidating with the LCL essence, also serve as the carrier of the FCL or LCL containers with their Slot Charter agreements with the Lıne. In fact, some services are also added to the forwarders in their services. Even if these companies are still in practice, it is called LOGISTICAL REHEARSAL with the shape of Litaratürde and the way these companies define

themselves. The real forwarders have begun to undressing the organization and realization of major projects, transportation jobs, and key delivery. In this service there are many different aspects of transport organization i.e. Bookıng. Only companies that link container load to container lines and have commissions in return are named CONTAINER BROKER. If these brokers receive the bill of lading from Lıne in their name, then they are no longer brokers, but the carrier/LOADER versus NVOC i.e. carrier. (For details, see Difference Between a Freıght Forwarder and Broker Harıesh Manaadier

) Again, in many sources, the Freght Forwarder and the Freght Broker are organizations with separate functions, but they are often confused with each other. Therefore,

there is no such concept as the FORWARDıNG BROKER in Litaraturia. In summary, as I explained to my students, ' ' BROKERS are INTERSMEDIARY BUT FORWARDER REHEARSAL SERVıCES AND SOMETıME ACT AS C

ARRıER ' ' Freıght Brokers (logistics brokers-unlike our open market brokers) shipping, logistics, distribution Services that include added value to the goods, but when providing this service, the trowel is not physically worth the hands. In short, they do not perform these services in a nutshell, they mediate the service.

3-who is the owner of the owners ' Brokeri?

In Turkey, the owners are introducing or identifying their RENTAL PARTNERS as brokers. The fact that the Edwards Broker chartering in the offices of the armatters is not leasing elamanis. The reason why Turkey is identifying in this way is that the small Coster arson has to perform Trade Management using out source in the past, i.e. the commercial connection of the ship to a Broker company. The The reason we call this Management company is because the relationship between these two companies is much closer to the Management company relationship than a Broker relationship.) When he started to run the commercial administration in his own office by running the rental authority, this habit continued to be called the Broker in their rental hands. But it's not that simple. In the Dry Cargo Chartering book, ICS also mentions that the rental owners in the tenant's office are also called brokers. However, this is not to mention that the Broker has to be called. In some places (as in our country), it mentions that they are called brokers. So it's a case-fixing. It is also not an institution with an academic depth of ICS. To me, the owner of the Shi'as leasing is not Broker. Because his work does not carry the Broker function. For example: An owner's Exclusiand broker and a rental at his office. Here, the exclusive and Broker is the authorized broker of the Shi'ak, and the owner of the Charter, which is represented by the authority, will take the rental Elaman who acts on behalf of the Prıncıpal.

 Here the broker in the process of renting the car, the lease Kemiko on the side of the shiver, the authority of the Prıncıpal dir (implied) when signing a lease agreement, as the broker's Kemiko, not to sign. The

refore, there is a very large difference between the two functions. In all legal systems, the description of the Broker is made and the lease is not entered into this definition.

4-What is the broker's duty?

-To find ships to load cargo on the ship, this is the principal duty of

a broker.-to be a source of information, to provide the necessary information to its

customers-to give information about the direction of the market to the owners and tenants. To make future-proof shortcuts and market analy

sis.-To provide information to the parties represented by the term and the Cls used in the c

harter negotiations.-to mediate and contribute to resolving problems arising betwe

en the parties. A broker has to follow the market in the heart of the market in order to make these tasks well. In this, you must first know a good foreign language and create a good filtration system for the appropriate load or ship for the 1000 message that comes to its customers. Broker

s are almost like the EYES and EARS of their customers. While keeping track of what is happening on the market, they also inform their customers by following what their competitors are doing. In order

to be able to do all this and to conduct connection negotiations, the brokers must have knowledge of a good ship, freight, port, leasing process, rental law, loading evacuation and stacking methods. Nowad

ays, brokers are specialized according to load types, type of vessels and the segment being worked. Such as Koster Brokeri, Dry Bulk broker, Cape Brokeri etc.

4-What happens to the best brokers?

It will not be the right approach to enter into a profession, such as a movie theater or a theatrical actor. I, however, have no exceptions, but as someone who believes that the outside of the theater is a better actor, I am not in favor of psychologically limiting the entry to a profession in terms of other occupants. A

NYONE CAN BE A BROKER. BUT IT IS ALSO THE FACT THAT SOME HAVE ADVANTAGES OVER OTHERS. The criteria for being a good broker will also be the answer to being a good broker.-not

a good broker from a frustrated person. The broker should have the structure to calm and soften the nerves of the o

pposite.-A distressed, hyperactive one with a concentration problem no broker.

-No more impatient, no tolerance, no brokers.-Better th

an a messy, untidy and irregular person No brokers.-The Br

oker must have a good tone, which is unattractive, convincing.-Th

e memory of the eye should be good.-

expressive ability, speaking to the MOTHER TONGUE and ENGLISH, the same meaning in these languages can prepare at least 3 different WORDıNG level Must be dominated. In short, the alternative Kıra convention must be dominated by the level of language that can prepare substances.-sh

ould be aggressive to his work.  Competatıve A broker must move faster than them to be in front of all of their competitors. The axle cannot survive this market. He will succeed in focusing on his work and if he is not interested in anything other than concentrating.-The

imagination and creativity must be strong.-Must be

truthful and consistent in expression.-Br

okers should be honest. It should not be contained in actions that would harm the side it represents. The most important thing in this profession is the trust of the opponent. The trust is used here in 3 ways. A) trust

in the integrity of

the information and experien

ce) in case of problems with the Prıncıpal, the trust-service sector is the female who wi

ll not leave him halfway. This profession does not remove ill-treatment to the customer. To be remembered, the customer is the Broker's boss.-h

e must love his work and have a high self-esteem. Afraid of a self-confident person is not a good broker. NOT TO BE CONFIDENT, PANIC AND CONCENTRATION IS THE WEAKNESS OF THE RISK OF MAKING MISTAKES. The fault is the most important consideration in the profession of Brokerlık. Even if a Broker is not his fault, he is responsible for the Prıncıpal, which is represented by a misguided knowledge of the broker in front of him. (At least this is the case in terms of British law)-There

are no good brokers with problems other than business life and carrying it into business. This means concentration weakness. This is the most dangerous issue in b

rokers.-This is a non-regular business opening hours. He's a mistress in a sense.  Most times it may not be enough to leave your wife, family, friends. Therefore, a successful Broker does not come from couples who are not savvy in this respect. Beyond that, there is no successful marine operator. These job hours are not a certain bank clerk. (When the place comes to work all weekend, the place comes back from the holiday when it arrives, the place comes the theater ticket lights up, the day comes to the invitation after the dinner everyone is reached, or on holiday at the computer at the beach obtained by the phone problem solved,  Every stop at the hotel. Because your phones don't shut up, you're also credited with the high dollar amounts you're talking about. In a word, everyone thinks you're an important businessman, you have good weather. But this is only the 1.25 commission that you will receive from larg

e sums)-a good broker should have the ability to look at the ball and check his connection from time to times. A lot of mistakes occur when the mastermind is taken to the Rolantiye by purges the work done. I c

aught a lot of unsolved events or a mistake in the first moments when I woke up from sleep in the morning. That means the Buddha. The brain is constantly busy with work. When you sleep at night your brain is still struggling with numbers or the substance of a c

ontract.-a Broker's human relationship needs to be good. Perhaps this is one of the most important featur

es.-It is necessary to have a minimum level of training in the field of ship management and leasing.-time

is very important in this profession. Very fast-working, quick-thinking people become good brokers. TURTLES don't have the best brokers.

-ALL ABOVE CONSIDERATIONS 50% of the WORK IS THE PERSON's LUCKY to HAVE the OTHER 50%.  No Broker from the inefficient man. You can see it in your partner, even one who works with you. You'll go into a diamond, and you'll be all right. Because the person has come to the short. (All these considerations are the results we distort

from our business life of 40 years) This is where the above qualities are most gender-based, women are emerging. To me, ladies are more successful in this profession. However, the problem with women is that when they are married they are very quick to leave the profession and n

ot permanent. Which occupations can succeed in this field? If the answer to a question in the form of ' ' High school collection to become a Broker + a good English + Min 3 month Ship management and leasing course will suffice ' '. It will be in shape. A good leasing operator, and a good shipper or a senior manager at a institutionalized Brokerlık company and to become a good broker worldwide, in terms of productiveness and rational thinking,;D eniz management, transportation Engineering, economics, business, Law, logistics, graduate from one of the high maritime schools, if the law is not studied, the master's license is not necessarily done on the lease law, if the law education is obtained from the Master of the Sea management or It will be useful to be done on a similar branch. Sale and Purchase Brokers are advised to do ship building engineering or mechanical engineering as well as their master's licenses on Charter law or maritime management. However,

if you are training in another discipline and have a master's degree in marine Management for 1 year, you will be able to succeed in this profession. We can see examples of this in mathematics, metallurgical, mining engineering, industrial engineering, and English.  With PRF ZEKI ADAL (at that time Dr was working in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce/1989) when we convinced the late Kemal TOSUN teacher and established a 1-year maritime Transportation Residency program in the Institute of Business Economics, The request of the teacher and the general manager of the DB maritime transport Muzaffer AKKAYA, with the acceptance and support for this training, a significant number of students from the above mentioned professes were given scholarships, and these students successfully at the end of the education at DB Deniz Nakliyat A. Ş They have begun to work. Many still continue their duties in the sector successfully. A

ll these additional must be at least 1 year in one of the ship rental centres (OSLO, HAMBURG, LONDON, NEW YORK, INDUSTRIAL, SHANGAı, TOKYO) to internships or work. This is the model applied in the world. Norwegians are in the Americas or continental Europe, while Americans work for a while in the Far East or the European market to learn about different tradications and markets.

4-Making a Brokerlık in Turkey or working today is not a lot of money.

In the past, brokers have won big bucks in this field. Formerly Office, Office circulating at the end of the expedition from the Freight brokers (Navluncudan) without even an office that tries to find the burden of the bag owner (1) This time when the established layout of the shipper to brokered companies from Navlunculuktan And in time, a lot of small captains have been transferred to the Brokerlate capital and ship. In this respect, a transformation has been experienced. In brief, the INFORMATION CAPITAL HAS BEEN DOM

INATED. 2 However, in time, the structure of the shipowners in Turkey has changed, educated young generations have passed the job or the shipoes have started to use professional executives. The transition from the Koster toning to the large toning has made such a transformation necessary on the shithe front. Additionally, ISM contributed to this.

With the development of communication opportunities and Internet, Email and other facilities in the maritime market, everyone sees everything and becomes aware of all things. 1 Without office b

oth the ship's owner and the ship's captain, the Investor (2) The small

shipoer sold their ships to keep up with the development of their ship, and left the brokers who operate their ships.

Thus, the Broker's customer and the customer resource in the retention period of the date of the Prıncıpal to Prıncıpal links, Electronic Chartering has begun to gain weight. Developments in this direction have consistently lowered the income of the Turkish broker. The 2008-2009 was then the latest development in the fall of 2012-2103 (first half) in the crisis of

this income. If we look at the issue in terms of employees and not for the company, Junıor or Senior Broker who works in the leasing department of an armatur company, or a brokerage company working alongside a leasing firm, gains (3) worldwide Unlike the application, it is not too much or even lower than the income of the occupations they have in our country. In short, a person

who is a graduate of the business or economics will get 15 years by working in another sector with salary or technical university machine or shipbuilding engineer 15 years after the monthly salary of 15 years with a person who brokered the salary of the Broker pays brokers will not be in favor.

 In the same time, this person can gain much more profit from brokering by working in an institutionalized agency in Turkey. The most important eleme

nt in this formation is freedom at the entrance to the market. For example, there are no obstacles in the market entry as brokers these days. A broker with its own potential can create 15,000 USD per month by a broker, while the salary of 5000 USD is paid for this person will not continue to work at the job site, the max 2-3000 USD per month by establishing its own company can earn 15,000 USD. The Broker will pay a maximum of 5000 USD, including premium etc. with a 3 e 1 basis. Maybe even pay a fee below. The general application in the Turkish market is under this direction.

 With the courage to establish its own company, or to someone who has no ability and portfolio, but also the burden of the Broker company, which is not the potential of the customer, but the technical connection process, this company is more than 30 years max 2000-2500 USD Will not pay the salary. In the end, this salary system and the reason for the freedom of entry to the market, a very small single-person non-institutionalized Brokerlık company is emerging in Turkey in the Brokerling event. In this case, both on the company scale and as the vocational group, this area does not grow as well as in other countries and it is a non-depth professional group. The same situation has been experienced in the theatre area in our country

in 1980 years. Once in the Istanbul Theatre in the same situation in the theatre of the museum, Şemsi Inkaya, Ilhan Daner, Toto Karaca, Cem Karaca, Ali Sururi and many other important players while playing in the same case, 2 CI or 3 degrees in the role of a successful to open a theater on his behalf began to increase the number of theaters and the customer divide as well as the quality of the games started to decline. Similar situation is also available in the Brokerlık area in our country. It's an event that feeds on each other. Brokerlık firms are not able to give a high salary to the brokers who work with them unless they are institutionalized and they start to establish a firm in their own name. Thus, the number of brokers brokerage companies in our country is less than enough. 3 In my research; Bro

kers abroad can charge up to 50,000 USD/month, excluding the bonus from 3000 USD/month with the Traınee-BROKER-external Manager classification. In another source, this salary sy

stem, for example, a Broker who has just started a new job in the United States receives a fee of 2500-3000 USD/month and a Broker with 3 years experience receives a 4000-4500 USD/month + plus bonus. Again at a diffe

rent source, the Traınee broker receives a salary of USD 2000-3000/month, while the highest salary Broker is 38,000 USD/month + Premium. In England, the intern broker is charged 12,000-13,000 pounds of junior brokers 25-35,000 pounds, while Senior brokers can charge 80,000-120,000 pounds per year. If the salary levels differ from country to state, a good and experienced broker, i.e. a broker of at least 10 years, pays a very good salary as a salary + bonus worldwide and the salary they receive is much higher than that of a Broker on the same level in our country. Causes. L

et's try to explain it with an example. In the period of 185,000 USD/day of the pre-2008 CAPE's T/CH Rate, a broker that rents this ship for 1 year with a CHARTER basis will be 1.25% of the monthly earnings of only one link and the 365 day on the basis of a single connection and a period of 1 years and 70,337 USD/month. 2013 the rent unit, which begins to lift a little head of the market, the USD 35,000 per day, and the monthly earnings will be 1.25% commission with USD 13,307/month. In the case of this broker, if there are 10 connections, only 10% of the Time Charter connection will be 1.25% commission and monthly Commission return 133,070 USD. Imagine the annual earnings of a large brokerage company with 40-50 or even more employees who now have different departments working in the World. In this magnitude, employees receive very good wages relative to our country.

 However, the 2008 crisis affected every area, as well as negatively influenced the Broker sector and the 2008 CRISIS WITH the BROKERS BEGAN to UNITE, the MINORS were SOLD BY SURVIVING. For today, 55% of brokers are in Europe, 33% are in USA, 12% are in Asia. If we m

ention that the brokers in Turkey have not received too much wages, this profession is a profession where a high school graduate can gain better wages for someone who knows English, better than he could win in other areas according to his qualifications. However, this is only a surplus that arises according to its educational status. Fo

r this reason, it is difficult to understand from time to time that the Technical University is studying shipbuilding engineering, or that someone who has trained in a different discipline at another school is willing to become a Broker and to go on the course. This is an old broker who participated in the panel as a speaker at our university, addressed to engineering students who want to be a Broker, ' ' You first look to be an engineer in this school which is not a lot of youth in Turkey, you want to be a Broker You will already be after ' ' exp

ression revealed. In fact, students who are trained in all these branches (deck, machine, shipbuilding, etc.) are required to receive a 1-year marine Management Specialization Porogram ' ' or a master's degree in this regard without thesis. Thus, this training will give them a great advantage when they become senior executives in the companies they work in as their profession in the future. Even when they work on the board, their performance will increase in terms of ' ' on board management ' '. Renting and brokerness is just one part of such training. It is a field of tactical and application level in a business. Whereas the education I have mentioned is a higher level of strategy and policy, a much more comprehensive education at the level of management and a field or topic with a weakness and a reason in our country


US THE MARITIME INSTITUTIONALIZATION IN COMPANIES WILL BE HEALTHIER AND EASIER. (Not being the top-tier manager of the Capts requested to be highlighted here, but rather, they prepare themselves with a graduate education to become the top-tier manager) Some

may argue the opposite of this idea; in the face of these advocates, the international rules and regulations and technological developments that are constantly changing and aggravated by maritime operations, trade management i.e. commercial That the management, in other words, the sale and marketing of the service is not so complicated that most of the links (70%) are made with a charter basis, working with operators and especially in terms of large tenants in the breaker market That the conditions of the lease are determined by the benchmark agreements and therefore the technical aspects of the service production and the job are more important. In contrast, another group of financial arrangements and asset management can be purchased in a convenient time by the appropriate ship and sold at the appropriate time, and the availability of appropriate loans and financing facilities and a much more important for a maritime .  In support of this claim, the Management companies can demonstrate and indicate that the issues that correspond to the technical administration have been made to these management companies using outsource (outsourcing). In spite of all this, one of the most important problems of trade management is the reason for the imbalance between the ship's supply and demand, ensuring a sustainable competition and the importance of connecting the ship with the most favorable conditions. In fact, each of them, namely asset management, fleet management and commercial management, are closely related to each other and give birth to each other, such as Matruska dolls. At the wrong time, an expensive ship or an inappropriate tonnage or type of ship will be the biggest handicap when marketing the service. Or the height of the runngs of a well-operated fleet will force the business department to market this bad and expensive service, the height of the cost of the goods damage ratio, or even the poor bunker management varies with the altitude of the charge . Likewise, in a business where everything is quartile in previous phases, a trade department that is not well-marketable will affect both the company's cashflow policy and the previous management (financial/technical) freight Will reverse all policies established according to the normal earnings of the market. Therefore, this work is like the rings of a chain and the weakness in one will cause the entire chain to break. So if we re-establish the above statement in light of these explanations, all of these issues have a high ability to dispatch and manage (in terms of the creation of plans and strategies) and the above 3 functions in the above Marine business firms consisting of specialist (tactical and implementation phase) sub-stage managers will be more successful in the market. (FOR DETAILS, SEE H. FATPRINTER decided TO make the ship TO be Laid up) 5) Brokerlık ha

s been mutated in Turkey. In contrast to the

explanations I made above, the brokers, which are subsequently shipowners in Turkey, continue to carry out their brokerage functions as well as the Academically. However, with the 2008 crisis, some of them returned to their old functions by selling their ships. Others are now forced to hold the old and small, usually river-type vessels in their hands with the MLC application. 6) The funct

ion of the Brockerlık will change. RENTAL PRODUCER; As

it is known, there are 4 different companies or fields of activity in the insurance sector; Insurance company, insurance broker, insurance agent and insurance producer. The insurance producer's duty is different from the insurance broker. When the insurance broker interoperates between the insurer and the insured, the insurance producer advises and guides on how the best and appropriate insurance couvertype and policy can be provided to the i

nsured. Likewise, this vocational group, which is not currently in the field of maritime transport but should be in my opinion, will help both the tenants and the carriers to do the appropriate CH/P for them.

 This service will be much more meaningful, especially in Bareboat and medical charter connections. The reason for such an intermediate service group is that the connections made in the past of the brokers are no longer in their favor with the reason that the brokers have not been able to obtain this issue due to the fact that the Prıncıpal to Prıncıpal was made The tenants or owners who make the contracts, the lack of knowledge and experience in this topic, are faced with significant losses. At this point, the producers will be able to guide the negotiations for a certain fee and help the shiver or the tenant during the ship lease. Note that in this relationship there is no burden on the ship, such as the Broker. During the connection of the cargo found by the arbiter, or during the connecting of the tenant, the producer of the leasing specialist, per link, 200-500 USD depending on the freight, or a fee for the hour spent, or fix a monthly fee to the prıncıpals referred to the Providing consultancy services to the most conformation conditions for them. THIS IS AN APPLICATION THAT WE HAVE REVEALED FOR THE FIRST TIME AS A CONCEPT.

 In Bareboat connections, CONSULTANT firms or advocacy firms provide similar services, but we propose a different structure here. Bareboa

t law firms have given a connection to understand the legal support and accept the importance of this support business as a commercial technique is not given a support.

 As someone who saw that the bad weather in terms of speed and fuel performance was considered to be Beaufort 4 and above in the medical Charter lease, a 175,000 DWT Cape oat ship with the support of the most important law firms in London Needs highlighting. The service that the rental producer will provide here is in a different area than the one required by the law firms. In this

sense, a long-term medical Charter or Bareboat in terms of both the tenant and the owner of the LEASıNG agreement is being entered in a LAW firm and the establishment of the rental producer I propose here to work with their own benefits Will. The benefits to be paid in a very small fee will be realized on the very top of this. It is important that the event is macro-level beyond micro. If we consider our foreign trade as the Turkish flag 2012% of the year 13.7%, approximately 14% of the year 2013% with regard to 12% (according to me, this figure is about 30% of the number of% in Turkish) 88% or 70% foreign trade flag Ships. In other words, Turkish importer and exporter are carrying out transport contracts with foreign transport companies.

 The weaknesses of these firms cost the country the loss of foreign currency. In this really move, these rental producers will be able to eliminate this vulnerability. It should not mean that all foreign trade companies are in a weakness. Foreign trade companies that do not know the principles of foreign trade are also available in our country, as well as very important foreign trade companies who are familiar with their business. I am able to remove these from the consulates of current life. This is why we are constantly talking about the need to educate our foreign trade firms about logistics, rather than transportation and logistics.

7-Where does the brockerlet evolve?

The owner of an institution providing training on brokers has indicated that the brokers at our university should practice a very aggressive marketing policy and have to go door-to-door to find bag work in their hands. As it is known, the Broker is not

the individual who is in the profession, but the two important elements of the leasing process is the information about the cargo and the ship. Door, door, empty ship or load information about the cargo or the ship is not authorized to work. (Excluding marketing activity to obtain the exclusivity of the arbite

r or tenant) After the fact that this is the truth, the proposed issue is a matter I tried to expose as a point where brokers evolved. However, what is important here is that brokers ' brokers ' skills change in the evolving terms and conditions, transforming the LOGISTICS into a PROVERB. T

his is much more important for Turkey. Attention has started a large export move in recent years in our country. Even 2023 billion USD has been identified as the target of 500. Likewise, our imports are increasing much more than this export amount. At t

his rate, 2023 foreign trade will exceed USD 1.3. (Or the target is determined in this way) In this trade, 82% of the amount is financially and 53% is transported by sea. However, because the small exporter

or importer is not familiar with the transport business or is afraid to enter this job, the acquisition process is done with the exports of the MERCURY, the Fob basis, and thus the beginning of the work, Turkey loses its chance to carry its foreign trade with Turkish vess

els. Thus, 50% of the source is lost in this respect. As a person who gives priority to Turkish flagged vessels in every connection or even EXTERNAL EXPORTS during the period I have made BROKERLıK, brokers, thinking that every Turkish broker is in the same belief, is now a logistics service provider to Anatolia In the logistics center, organized industrial zones, to provide transportation organization services in major export centres and to make connections to ships and other transport modes in this tavern, creating a business in terms of brokers only Not as well as the Fob exports of our country's imports will contribute to the making of mercury based and I think we can provide an important substitution and direct foreign currency income. Period

is the term ' ' ONE STOP SHOPPıNG ' '. Now companies prefer to buy everything from one place. In particular, this small importer or exporter does not want to deal with the transportation of goods, insurance etc.

 At this point, today's Brokerlık companies are spreading to Anatolia, not only the connection with the ship or the most appropriate transport mode to mediate the connection, the front carriage + Primary Transport + Storage + customs clearance + packaging etc. will include all services such as a Service. It should not be confused with the NVOC or the old forwarders.  The normal ship leasing process as well as the other works in addition to the name of the Prıncıpal is

the key. For this, the brokers must unite. In other words, just as before, creating a portvöy or job opportunity to earn 3000-4000 USD per month aiming for their own livery earnings, instead of sustaining it in small offices, 3-4 firms will come together to reduce all costs below 1/4.-

Rent, Secretary, accounting, electricity, warming, rent concise, if any Broker fee runn

ing in the west, the BROKERS forced it and the mergers began to increase. With this power merger, organized industrial zones, logistics villages, export zones and additional Broker offices to be stationed in the source of the load provided by the subsidiary services in this office to be given the connection process of the central Brokerlık Office will take place. Or broker companies will resort to these existing logistics porovıders and Joınt Ventures in Anatolia. The future is headed here. Small brokers won't have a chance to live in this market. Or they will only try to maintain their liveliwork with the 1-2 ACCOUNT they have, and when one of them is wrong, Max shall be liquidated within 6 months. 8-If the agency of t

he Brokerlık crashes, lawyers will feast… As the Prıncı

pal to Prıncıpal connections increase, the number of workload and litigation in the courts will increase. This is because the brokers are brokering the issue of settlement without proceeding to the Business Tribunal and concluing the issue in this way. The brokers also warn the parties they represent during the lease process, and precluding the rise of the conflict by preparing the Charter agreements, which contain non-ambiguous statements and contain as many items as possib

le. Furthermore, they play the role of a fender or a pillow by softening the Prıncıpal that comes to the point of fighting each other and breaking the relationship between them. In 40 years of experience, all disputes between the parties are due to justify themselves on both sides. THE DISPUTE BETWEEN THE PARTIES IS RESOLVED SPONTANEOUSLY WHEN A BROKER THAT THEY TRUST AND WORK WITH CLAIMS THAT THEY ARE UNJUSTIFIED IN THEIR ASSERTIONS. For BROKER UNUSED CONNECTIONS, this ISSUE is SOLVED IN COURT AND ENDS the COMMERCIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH EACH OTHER by THROWING TWO PRıNCıPAL BRIDGES LINKING. 9-THE Future-oriented m

ission of THE Association of brokers; The Associ

ation of BROKERS established vs. Sn Pınar KALKAVAN, as you have the goods, pioneered together with his friends in the birth of this association and registered the names of TURKISH NAVAL TRADE HISTORY. These are important considerations, such as an ordinary event, which is considered to be a matter of 50 or 60 years later, as a historical shipping documents will b

e presented to posterity. Being a historical value is an important issue in human life, with either very successful jobs or pioneering services (Firs

) arise. While this is the case, the Brokers ' Association expects very important tasks. The most important of these are the following (others are specific to the as

sociation) F

IRST IDENTIFIED;-very urgent need to remove an inventory of brokers in Turkey. However, the definition of a BROKER that is agreed upon first must be made. As I tried to explain above, the Forwarder in Turkey is also a broker and a Broker in the Shi'ör. Rather than the Broker in the agent is V

bbmy what is the PURE Broker Company we are looking for here? There are many companies in Turkey that meet this definition after placing the criteria there. Then, these companies need to be inventors in terms of the following considerations.-How many years is the company? H

ow many people work in the firm; what are their duties? How many square meters are their offices? Which city and the neighbourhood? What is the training status of the company owner and staff? (Such as education level and type of university – law, or high school – Anatolian High School) What is the turnover rate of employee staff (how many years is a broker Max working in that company), what is the reason for staff changing business? What is the level of language as an average for the entire company? What are the hours? The average number of hours per day is studied. What is the average working time per week? The number of customers who visited the company within 1 year, the number of customers that the company visited within 1 year. Overseas travel amount with the reason for the job in the last 3 years, which countries are visited. Why do you have to enter this profession? That's why you keep staying in this profession. The industry's top 5 issues are solution proposals, competatıve or Exclusiand, if any, the party they represent is an arator or tenant. Has the companies grown or dimined in the last five years? What is the most time they make money in the crisis market or in a rising market (this question is for competatıve brokers) in which months or periods of the year earnings are increasing. Do the kids work in this profession? Do their wives work in this sector? It defines its own income level (middle income Income group, Low income group, High Income group), which segments operate in the companies. (Mediterranean, Black Sea, Far East etc.), which ship types are studied in these segments. Which type of rental they are brokering most (expedition basis, medical Charter, Trip medical Charter, Bareboat,) what is the ratio of these types of connections according to their work by year.) What are the annual link counts. These questionnaire questions can be duplicated, or reduced.

  First, the goal is determined and the questionnaire questions can be determined according to this goal. I have prepared questionnaire questions in the above way to reach the information I

intend. Thus, a X-ray will be drawn in all aspects of the Broker companies and then the necessary evaluations shall be made in the light of th

is information. Another study is the removal of an inventory in terms of people working as brokers or leasing staff. For this reason, the owner of the company as a Broker or leasing staff, the owner of the ship, the owner, the owner of the ship, the owner, the number of employees to be able to do this job is important.

 Although this is easy to identify in terms of the owners, it will be somewhat difficult in terms of tenants, but that will ultimately give us the removal of the Kıraci inventory. Then, at least for these tenants, a CUSTOMER POTENTIAL research study should be done in terms of the resident firms in Turkey. All this information will be important for measuring and making healthy decisions about the sector and creating policies. In addition, this information and how many people work as brokers in the sector, how many brokerage companies, the amount of employment they create in this field by year, the amount of income created in terms of employees, brokers as a year on the basis of The added value of their creations (i.e., as the service gain;d Ahili, will also hold light in terms of the services given to Turkish firms and foreign firms

in the external transports). As far as I know, the important work of the Ship Brokers Association carries out such work in other aspects of the fruit. Although we know that this new administration, which we have worked with for years, has the belief that the former management team will carry the association further, these things are not only the issues to be left to the administration, but the members of the entire association that are in the same ship Brokers must carry out their own professions and move this profession to where it is worthy in Turkey. As the association becomes institutionalized and universalized, as the Broker firms unite and grow, they will have new opportunities and opportunities together with the associations, and everyone shall have more winnings than this day.

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