What is the ship man certificate?

What is the ship man certificate?

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What is a ship-man certificate?

The ship's man certificate is the document they have to take to prove the competencies of personnel working on ships. Each employee receives this document by going to the appropriate course of their position or passing the exams.

What is a port wallet?

It is the internationally valid document provided by the Shipman, who passes the course and exams by providing the necessary documents. In short, it's a passport for sailors. It allows staff working on board to enter many countries without visas.

How to be a ship man?

By registering for the courses that give the Shipman certificate, you can complete the training without absence and then pass the exams made at the end of the course, or you can enter the exams opened directly by the port chairmanship. Since the exams opened by the Port Presidency are somewhat compelling, it is preferable to take the examination of the institution at the end of the course.

How often does a Shipman's certificate renew?

There is no need to renew unless the ship's man certificate is lost. Only after the validity period of the trainings in the exam must be re-entered and renewed. The validity period of each education is different, but generally for 5 years.

What are the qualification certificates of the Shipman certificate?

Certificates vary by position, but everyone has 5 basic STCW certificate, personnel safety and social responsibility, basic first aid, fire prevention and fire fighting, personal life recovery techniques in the sea, using life recovery tools Qualification trainings and application training certificates.

What's a Shipman medical report?

It is a health report after a check-up that the Shipman is eligible to work at sea.

How many years is the Shipman Health report valid?

The Shipman Health Report is valid for 2 years.

Does the port wallet provide convenience for a tourist visa?

Owning a port wallet does not provide visa facilitation in a country where tourists go.

Is it possible to travel without visas with a port wallet?

When working on any boat or ship with a port wallet, it is possible to travel without a visa if it is reached by sea. Nevertheless, it is not a valid situation for every country because the laws of each country are not the same. While the Schengen area is not applying visas, America is applying.

Is it possible to be a ship man and travel the world?

It is possible, but it is important to remember that the shipmen have no very easy lives and they perform a challenging profession. The people who adopt ships as a profession are in many parts of the world, depending on the company they work with.

The ship's dedication to travel the world does not make much sense, because the cruising time is much more than the length of time spent in the port.

Can the port wallet be used in the Teknestopta?

For people who will go from one end of the world to another by Teknestop, the port wallet will surely benefit.

What are the disadvantages of traveling with a port wallet?

If you leave the ship in the country where you go with the port wallet, you can only fly out of the country. You are not allowed to leave by road or sea as a tourist.

What are the differences between a port wallet and a passport?

The port wallet can only be used when working on a ship. It cannot be used outside the ship's contract. With a passport, it is possible to enter and exit any country alone, but some countries also require a passport as well as a port wallet. The seasons will be one of the most important titles for choosing clothes when you travel. If you are going to a warm climate where the season is spring or summer, I suggest you take the things you will wear for a maximum of one week. If you're going on a winter trip, it's not even a week, so it would make sense to buy as much clothes as 4-5. Winter outfits will take up more space, so you can buy 4-5 daily clothes and save money from this place. I'm going to buy a week's clothes, but if you're going to travel for 1-2 months, the duration of your trip never changes that rule. You should still get a weekly outfit to be the lightest.

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