Seasick, due to digestive disorder, is an unpleasant discomfort, some sailors and sea passengers are seen. Animals can also catch seasick. Even fish are included.

 As is known, the balance of the body is provided in the inner ear. The equilibrium fluid in the inner ear is the task of providing our balance. However, in some cases, the balance fluid cannot be achieved. One of these situations is to be found in a wavy sea for a long time. Ships, yachts, boats, etc. Shaking for a long time in a marine vessel causes the balance fluid to fail to function. Thus, the incident called Sea-Holding (kinetosis) begins to occur. Nausea, difficulty in walking, dizziness and pain, vomiting, such as the symptoms of the sea holding, sometimes the person becomes incapable of controlling himself. Some people may even cause anxiety and fear. This situation can last for several hours, and sometimes it doesn't lose its effect for days. The people who hold the sea while holding motor vehicles and mounts, say that the seasick does not resemble any of the worst.

I have 8 solutions that I think will help you with this.

  1. Look at the horizon. When you look outward and forward, the signal difference between the inner ear and the eye will be minimized. Because that's how your eyes can account for the boat shaking.
  2. Change your diet. What you have eaten will seriously affect your situation on the boat. The green Apple will be good for seasick. In fact, drinking cola can be good for having phosphoric acid and sugar, but I do not recommend it because it may disturb you in your dibs. Stay away from the oil and spicy food, both on the diving boat and the night before the dive. Savory crackers are also useful boat snacks
  3. If you can't keep it inside, let it go! Stacking is not a very pleasant experience, but it helps to eliminate symptoms and relax. But watch out for the wind while you do it. If he's blowing you off, go back and do it.
  4. Use the sea wristbands. Those wristbands that you can find in many pharmacies have found an akapuncture point in the wrist, and those who say it is good for nausea have recently increased considerably.
  5. Use scopolamine skin patch. You are putting these patches in your ear, which you will buy with your doctor's prescription. Remember to tell your doctor to dive because there may be side effects that cause drowsiness.
  6. Try not to consume alcohol on board. Alcohol will increase your likelihood of dehydration (water loss) and exposure to seasick.
  7. Do not act like a chair grabbing race when the music is muted. Preferably sit in the middle of the boat (for less movement in the middle) and look at the horizon. Choose a chair from the kitchen to the scent of food or a seat away from the smell of diesel from the boat's engine.
  8. Sit in a place where you can get plenty of fresh air and do not feel safe. Relax… Stay away from other people affected by seasick.

If you have a different suggestion, please leave a comment below, let's a
ll learn. I wish no nausea, dizziness dives:)))

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