19 Amazing sunken ships forgotten by people


19 Amazing sunken ships forgotten by people ⚓️⛵️

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1. Fairy Tale Forest – Australia

Shipwreck photo

This SS Ayrfield ship has a truly exciting history: during the Second World War, the United States troops moved to the battlefield. He was then sent to a ship cemetery near the Olympic village in Sydney, in the 1970s. And by 2000, when the Olympic Games approached, this war veteran became a charming forest island and a tourist attraction. Fascinating with one word.

2. 16. The flagship of the Century Sweden

Shipwreck photo

In the depths of the Baltic Sea, only 10 knots away from Öland Island, the XVı carries a 107 gun. The largest ship in the century. After being attacked by three enemy ships, he sank on March 31, 1564. The experts have been looking for him since the 1960s.

3. Fishing ship, Chatham Islands, New Zealand

Shipwreck photo

There are only 600 people living in these small islands of the Chatham Archipelago. The life here is the XVııı, where it was discovered. Hasn't changed much since the century. With only the sky, the sea and the wind, people have a life closed to the outside world to protect companies. Fishing here is the main source of livelihoods, and while this ghost ship is being used to serve loyal fishermen, unfortunately, he suckered into the vicious waters.

4. Sunken Yacht – Antarctica

Shipwreck photo

This spooky ghost ship is a sunken Brazilian yacht in Ardley Bay. While Brazilian producers were making documentaries, strong waves and winds unfortunately forced them to abandon the ship. Since that unlucky day, these enormous yachts have been underwater.

5. A mysterious Ghost ship – USA

Shipwreck photo

Called Circle Line V, this yacht is designed to patrol the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It was founded in 1902 in Wilmington and subsequently lowered into water, and has changed its owners several times for 80 years. In 1984, the ship was abandoned in the Ohio River near Lourensburg. No one has ever figured out how to get here. Apparently it's a mysterious ghost ship.

6. A shipwreck is also from Britain!

Shipwreck photo

This colossal ship landed in 1929 and no one knows the cause of his tragic death since then. He's kind of still guarding his weed.

BC Hospital Ship – Australia

Shipwreck photo

During the First World War, SS Maheno served as a military hospital in the middle of the ocean. When he moved to Japan in 1935, he suddenly disappeared and was found only a few days later. When he appeared, a violent storm threw the ship on the shore of a deserted island near Australia. The crew had to live in the tent for three days they waited to survive. People were evacuated, but the ship just stayed there. They say it's the right to come to your personas. 🙂

8. An old ship on the island of Anglesey – Wales

Shipwreck photo

This fishing boat is surprisingly fit for the minimalist British style. Apparently, he's been sitting here since the dawn of that time. It's obvious he's had a lot of troubles since he used the cracks on the deck. 🙁

9. Ghost Squadron – USA

Shipwreck photo

This time, the situation is a little different. Because this place is almost a shipwreck. It is so possible to come across dozens of ships under the sea. Every year, dozens of boats are being sent to rot in the famous shipwreck in Mallow Bay. They look like a fleet of ghosts disappearing underwater.

10. Flying Dutchman – Greece

Shipwreck photo

Since this ship was abandoned, it's been loning for the oceans to sail. On his last voyage, suddenly the direction of the wind changed and landed with a storm. But the capers did not give up and they managed to reunite him. However, they could not anchor in a solid place and the failure once again knocked on the doors. So the ship remained between the waves again and landed permanently. After this thrilling eventual end, he is now just resting among the cool waters.

11. Shipwrecks and Bermuda

Shipwreck photo

The Bermuda Triangle already has a reputation for that matter. The local ship cemetery only contributes to the mysterious melancholy atmosphere. For many years, this mysterious phenomenon, where no one can bring a satisfactory explanation, was thought to be "the work of a supernatural team of forces" by a lot of people, including scientists. They mentioned that the lost continent exists there, or that the region has repeatedly been influenced by the magnetic field they created there during the visits of extraterrestrial beings, even when Kristof Columbus held In the logs, it has been claimed to have been mentioned unidentified objects flying in the sky in that region. What do you say if your path falls to those sides, be careful. 😉

12. Abandoned sailboat, Lake Ontario – Canada

Shipwreck photo

This romantic-looking sailboat has turned into a local mascot.

13. Another shipwreck ship – Canary Islands

Shipwreck photo

During the Second World War, the SS was used to transport supplies and troops to the American Star ship. After that, he became a popular ship. Later on – in the 1980s – they wanted to turn it into a floating prison, then to a hotel. However, he entered a dark hole with a violent storm, and afterwards it was no hotel or prison. He's standing quietly near the Canary Islands right now.

14. Saba Tug – Çuraçao

Shipwreck photo

This tug, which collapsed towards the coral cliffs, contributed to becoming the center of attraction of the Çuraçao region. Many people especially interested in diving tourism visit here. The ship lives in the second spring underwater. It hosts thousands of fish, is surrounded by magnificent corals and offers a great experience for divers.

15. RMS Titanic – A giant drowning in water

Shipwreck photo

If there is a ruler in the world of shipwreck ships, it is absolutely titanic. It was called untouchable, majestic and luxurious. But in his first round in 1912, he was tragically collided with an iceberg, a terrible accident that led to the deaths of thousands of people. Since then, the Titanic has been quietly resting about 3.8 kilometers below the surface of the ocean. Only in 1985 people risked their lives to disturb this sleeping giant, and 10 years later director James Cameron decided to do a research for his famous film and went down several times using Russian ' Mir ' subs.

 16. Semiramis – Greece

Shipwreck photo

Semiramis is the sunken ship in this photograph that looks like a scary movie set. He landed in 1954.

17. Point Reyes – California

Shipwreck photo

Point Reyes is an abandoned fishing boat in the same national park near San Francisco. He's been here alone for a long time.

And finally two ships from the Red Sea:

18. A cargo ship

19. Fishing Ship

Shipwreck photo

The first ship is a large cargo ship at the bottom of the Red Sea, lined with reefs, waiting for divers visitors for years, and this enormous size has made him almost as popular. The latter is only one of hundreds of abandoned fishing vessels in this area. Look at her sadness and beauty.

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