What is freight?

For goods transported by sea and river, the cost of shipping to the ship company is called Freight. The freight charge will be accrued according to an official tariff or contract. Depending on the delivery shape, the freight may belong to th

e seller or buyer. Freight Prepaid (Freight Payable At Destination/Freight Collect) can be paid in advance at the port of arrival. All this is regulated in contracts called the bill of lading in the maritime t

rade. Description of fre

ight in the blood; A contract in which the carriage is loaded by sea for a certain fee, by allocating its ship partly or entirely to the carrier or without allocating it. Thi

s is called a charter contract, if the carriage is transported to the sea by allocating all or part of its vessel to the transport. (TK m. 1016/B1) In contrast, this freight contract is referred to as a kirkambar contract if a particular item with a piece of goods is loaded in the sea. (TK m. 1016/B2) The freight contract includes: 1) The comm

itment of a carriage carried out by the carrier; 2) The
presence of an asset that is conducive to transport
by ship; 3) carrying the transpor
t at sea; 4) carrying out the transport by means of a vess
el; 5) The carriage is paid Be. The freight contract is not subject to the shape; However, the application is usually arranged with the charterparties.

In a freight contract, no one in the carriage can take the adjation of carrying a second contract based on this agreement. In this case there is a sub-transport contract. A type of freight contracts is also a hybrid freight contract. In this case, the carriage is committed to carrying the burden by land, river and sea. The

re are certain rights and liabilities arising from the freight contract and the transport. The main debts of the carriage, the ship to carry the burden, ready to install, the next time and the sea is conveniently located at the loading dock. (TK m. 1019/1) The most important right of carriage arising from the freight contract is to take a fee, i.e. freight. Freight is paid by money, unless there is a provision on the contrary. The parties are free to determine the amount of freight. However, as today's freight is often determined by international conventions, the parties often adhere to them. Freight payment payable is in the vehicle as a rule. However, if a charterparties is determined to be the one who will pay the freight, the person who receives the goods, the payment of the freight, according to the Konişmentoya, the person who takes the burden passes. The freight receivable expires within one year from the time it is due. The carriag

e has the right to imprisonment on the freight, as well as on the charges of lining and surlination, for freight receivable. (TK m. 1077/1.2) freight Agreem

ent, 1) No reason for the payment of regret freight (TK m. 1040, 1042, 1090);
2) The confiscation of a State or foreign State on the
ship; 3) placing or exporting a ban on goods to be transported; 4
) in cases where the loading or port of existence is blockaed;
5) in Case of war (TK m. 1083);
Ve6) Impossibility (TK m. 1082) ends with the emergence of (return, statutory termination or spontaneous termin

ation of the bill of lading, or the loader on the carriage, the buyer is the precious document with which any information is contained by the notice auth


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