Best popular Netflix movies and series recommendations for the IMDB may 2020


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations

What are the best Netflix TV shows? What TV series are there on Netflix? Netflix series suggestions? If you have questions like it and are looking for new Netflix arrays, I'll get you on the Netflix series list.

On my Netflix series suggestions list, I've listed the series of IMBD points as the most watched Netflix series I've seen and watched.

I hope you enjoy the Netflix series recommendations and Netflix series trailers on the best Netflix TV series list.

List of Best Netflix series/2020


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Netflix watch TV series-Best Netflix Series – Narcos

Genre: Crime sequences, action, adventure, thriller/16 +

IMBD Score: 8.9 – Season number: 3 – Start Date: 2015 – In progress: ✅

Narcos Series Players: Pedro Pascal/Wagner Moura/Boyd Holbrook/Alberto Ammann/Paulina Gaitan

Narcos Watch Trailer

The first most watched Netflix series, Narcos, is on the list of the best Netflix series. The series also has the capability to be among the popular Netflix series.

The narcos topic is described by the Country's richest drug baron, Pablo Escobar, in the land of the United States and the US government.

But a lot of people, including me, watched the story from Pablo Escobar's point of view. In my opinion, the best Netflix series is ranked first.

The subject of the Narcos series is as follows:

The series takes place in Colombia during 1970. In the same years, Pablo Escobar, the leader of the Medellin cartel, has made many attempts with this cartel and has caused many deaths.

Pablo Escobar, who manages a large part of the world's cocaine imports, was doing so well that he was the 7th richest in the world in the 1990s. .

Although the public was the Robinhood, Escobar was a murderer and a criminal for his country and parliament.

He could put drugs in all sorts of ways to countries like America, Porto, Mexico. Escobar earns around $4 million a week, and only buys a 2500-dollar tire a week to support the money.

In the face of Pablo Escobar's greatness and strength, he wanted the country to fall in Colombia and America Escobar.

Escobar, who began to live in a corner and lived in a fugitive life, was killed in the joint operation of Colombia and America, and became a closed cycle.

I watched the show with pleasure, because I'm a really bad person, or is he okay? . It could be because I watched it through Escobar's eye until the moment he died. The next Netflix series on my Netflix TV show is Sherlock


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Most popular Netflix series – Sherlock

Genre: Crime, Drama, thriller/13 +

IMBD Score: 9.2 – Season number: 4 – Start Date: 2010 – Ongoing: X (among the Final Netflix series) Sherlock trailer Watch

Sherlock Series Players: Benedict Jumeirah/Martin Freeman/Una Stubbs/Rupert tombs/Louise Brealey/Mark Gatiss/Andrew Scott/Amanda Abbington.

My second line in the top Netflix series on my Netflix series list is Sherlock, my first Netflix TV series is counted in the same category as the Narcos.

Sherlock Holmes has the ability to become the most popular Netflix series among the high series of Netflix's IMDB points.

There have been countless films and movies called Sherlock, but I think the most lifeless is the Netflix original production. Unlike other Netflix shows, Sherlock is a two-year-old, three-part movie-tasting story.

The series takes an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes. Also in the sequence of the most watched foreign arrays ranked 5. Order.

The subject of Sherlock, which I recommend as Netflix TV series, is as follows; Sherlock, a high-functioning sociopath with a high level of intelligence, is looking to solve the mysterious crimes committed in the United Kingdom, to soothe his own mind.

He also conducts this to the police under the guise of a consultant detective.

They become roommates with Dr. John Watson, who previously served as a physician and soldier in Afghanistan. With Watson, a full-on-chaos buff, he disgusts the disguise to solve events that no one has ever thought of, and they embark on adventure.

I strongly recommend that you watch Sherlock's series as one of the series that needs to be watched, with the inferences he makes during adventures, you can push the boundaries of your brain, tense up from time to time, and occasionally laugh at laughter. .

I hope you enjoy this foreign series among the best Netflix series that makes this final. The next Netflix series suggestion is Black Mirror.

 3-Black Mirror 

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Netflix Series Recommendations – Black Mirror

Genre: Sci-fi, Drama, psychological tension/16 +

IMAP4 Score: 8.9-season Number: 4-Starting Date 2020: – Is it in progress: ✅ 

Watch Black Mirror Series trailer

Starring: Daniel Kaluuya, Brynony Neylan-Francis, Shawn Aldin Burnett

Netflix shows the next Netflix series on the science fiction genre, Black mirrororiginal start date 2011, Netflix joined the show in 2020 and took its place among the best and most watched Netflix series of 2020.

The Netflix series Black Mirror, the series of sci-fi anthologies, is a complex and technology-filled close future that is the opposite of humanity's most glorious inventions and darkest instincts.

The series is considered to be the end of a day, although technology is not recently. Black Mirror The Netflix series suggests that people enjoy the jobs they do, while also addressing the feeling of unrest.

The Black Mirror might actually be the main idea. You know, there's a question that people ask someone every day. Here's the show in the air.

In addition, each episode of Black Mirror is composed of different players and each section is published in different lengths.

If you love sci-fi sequences, I'd say the best Netflix series Black Mirror to watch, without wasting time…

 4-Breaking Bad 

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations

Genre: Crime Netflix TV series, Drama, thriller/16 +

IMBD Score: 9.5 Season Number: 5-First season date: 2008-ongoing: (Among the best Netflix series that has made the Final) – Breaking Bad Fragmanizle

Breaking Bad Series Players: Bryan Cranston/Anna Gunn/Aaron Paul/Dean Norris/Betsy Brandt/RJ Mitte

When the best Netflix series is called, Netflix Original Series Breaking Bad is 1. I wanted to give it to you, but the Narcos and Sherlock were heavier.

Breaking Bad, the best drama series in the history of television, is among the best Netflix series you must follow. It is also a popular Netflix series among the best foreign series that has made the final, and the IMDB score is 9.5

The topic of the series is as follows; Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher, is a White 50-year-old and works in car wash to meet the needs of his family.

Our hero, who lives in a very simple and confident life, draws a somewhat clumsy appearance in his professional life and social relations, but he is a good family father who is very popular with his environment.

Walter White learns that after a while, he has cancer and has no long life to live. In the last days of his life, after his death, he starts looking for different ways to leave his family with ease.

The remaining 50 years of being honest and righteous living in the vicinity of the same time as a good man who thinks it only gives him cancer, Walter White's life and the people around him, how he changed their lives and their future We are watching this series with amazement and the continent. A good time. Next Netflix series suggestions are La Casa De Papel.

 5-La Casa De Papel

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Most Viewed Netflix series – La Casa De Bucks izle

Genre: Crime, Netflix voltage sequences/16 +

IMAP4 Score: 8.7 – season: 2 – Start date: 2020 – Is it ongoing: ✅

Watch La Casa De Papel series trailer

Starring: Úrsula Corberó/Itziar Ituño/Álvaro Morte 

The Netflix original series is another best Netflix series, among the best and most popular Netflix series; La Casa De Papel tells the story of a robbery in the series. These days, Netflix shows the first series that comes to mind.

The broadcast rights of the series are on Netflix and the Antena 3 channel. But the Spanish robbery story 1. and 2. The world-wide success of the season, Netflix's La Casa De Papel 3. The Gospel of the season came.

"We will testify to the new robberes that the professor has attempted in 2020," the Netflix statement said, and the visual for the new season was also published.

The Netflix series topic is as follows;

At the beginning of the robbery, a professor nicknamed a team to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. The professor brings together people who have a reputation in their separate fields.

And then, for five months, they're closing a house, taking into account every possibility, plotting the perfect robbery by making additional plans.

After the end of 5 months, the plan comes into play and the robbery begins. The plan has been made, but they are faced with details they don't plan in life.

And then I did my little search for La Casa De Papel 3. I learned that the preparations for the season were started. Unless these sources are telling the truth, that's very good news.

I watched the series written in the Netflix Turkish subtitles and I liked the Spanish accent of the players just like in the Narcos series. Buddha intro On going to My Life

If you love the thriller and crime-style Netflix series, La Case De Papel is a Netflix series for you. It may also cause you to receive Netflix membership in the series. My next series of suggestions is House of Cards, another original Netflix series.

 6-House of Cards 

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix Series Recommendations – House of Cards

Genre: Netflix American TV series, thriller/16 +

IMAP4 Score: 9.0 – Season number 5 – – continues: ✅ 

House Of Cards Series Trailer Izle

Starring: Kevin Spacey/Robin Wright/Michael Kelly/Derek Cecil/Nathan Darrow

One of the best Netflix TV series I propose is the House of Cards. The story of a politician telling the life and gradually rising to become the President of the United States is told.

The Netflix original series is the most watched Netflix series on the House of Cards. The House of Cards, a masterpiece that Netflix has taken into serious budgets, has made a throne in the hearts of many series followers.

The subject Of House Of Cards is as follows;

This is the story of a man who can do all sorts of crap for the presidency, and as one of the best Netflix series, there is a popularity that you can come across on the site in the style of many Netflix array proposals.

At this point, we see that his wife, Claire Underwood, regularly reprominently but with a lot of creative plans, Frank's around, directing everything he wants to come to his position.

House of Cards 4. After the season, he gained a further movement in his departments and reached a more watched rate.

I leave it to your viewing and evaluation without giving more spoilers about this Netflix series, which is very immersive. Have a good watch on the House of Cards…

  7-Stranger Things

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Netflix series recommendations – the Stranger Things in the watching Netflix series

Genre: Science Fiction, Netflix Youth series

IMAP4 Score: 8.9 in – Season number 1 – Start date: 2020 – continues:✅Trailer

Starring: Winona Ryder/David Harbor/Finn Wolfhard/Millie Bobby Brown/Gaten Matarazzo/Caleb McLaughlin/Natalia Dyer/Charlie Heaton

The next best Netflix series on my list of best Netflix sequences is Stranger Things. In this show where children share the leading roles, I feel like I can hear you saying that you can't get the IMDB score, but yes it is a series of definitely worth watching with the points it receives.

After you start watching, you're very likely to connect to the array. Because Stranger Things are among the best arrays.

The topic of the series is as follows;

In a small town where everyone knows everyone, a strange event that results in the disappearance of a child, and the result of this investigation begins the chain of events.

As the research deepens, the indigenous people, who face dark State institutions and evil supernatural forces, begin to understand that far more hidden things are going around beyond the eye.


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
The latest Netflix series recommendations – Sense 8

Genre: Thriller, sci-fi, Drama/16 +

IMAP4 Rating: 8.4 – Season Number: 2 – Starting Date: 2015 – continues: ✅ 

Sense8 Series Trailer Watch

Cast: Doona UAE/Jamie Clayton/Tina Desai/Tuppence Middleton/Max Riemelt/Miguel Ángel Silvestre/Brian J. Smith/Freema Agyeman

The best Netflix TV series I want to put on my list of the best Netflix series, Sense 8, is among the best sci-fi sequences.

The subject of Sense8 is as follows; 8 people in different geographically starting to feel each other in an unimaginable way and will become interesting with the same minds, knowledge, sharing abilities.

When 8 people in San Francisco, Mexico City, Berlin, United Kingdom, Seoul, Mumbai, Nairobi and Chicago realize that they can share each other's abilities by becoming a single soul, while others are trying to get together. Will try to kill each other.

The events will begin with the meeting of Riley and Will in the minds of the people, and continue with everyone trying to solve this mystery. They meet at the time of their visit and chat.

You should always get this series that is popular with Netflix TV shows on your Netflix app.

9-13 Reason Why

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix series – Best Netflix Series – 13 Reasons to die

Genre: Netflix Youth Series

IMAP4 Rating: 8.4 – Season number: 2-Start date: 2020 – continues: ✅

13 Reason Why Series watch trailer

Starring: Dylan Minnette/Katherine Langford/Christian Navarro/Alisha Boe/Brandon Flynn/Justin Prentice

Another Netflix series suggestion I have on my list of best Netflix TV shows is 13 Reasons Why.

The subject is as follows; The show is a production of a young girl's suicide behind the scenes. The season also consists of 13 chapters. A 17-year-old high school student, Hannah Baker, killed herself some time ago.

There is no reason, the family is in shock. Clay Jensen, a brilliant student of high school, finds a box in front of his door after a while. There's old-fashioned tapes coming out of the box.

I don't want to give a lot of spoilers, even though I do more research on this series. So if you are looking for a foreign series of youth type 13 Reason Why is right for you.

10-Better Call Saul

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix series – What are the TV series on Netflix? – Better Call Saul

Genre: Netflix comedy series, crime movies/13 +

IMDB Score: 8.7 – Season Number: 3-Start date: 2015-ongoing: T✅railer izle

Starring: Bob Odenkirk/Jonathan Banks/Rhea Seehorn/Patrick Fabian/Michael Mando/Michael McKean/Giancarlo Esposito

Another Netflix series recommendation on my Netflix series list is the Better Call Saul, which has been removed to relieve the longing of those who miss the series of Breaking Bad,

The subject of the series is; Our famous lawyer, Jimmy McGill (who is a lawyer in the series), is watching what happened to his lawyer career before he met Walter White.

Saul Goodman, who is struggling in the maddî troubles and who lives with his brother, who does not like his sister's advocate, is taking his place in the series of occasional teenage years.

I watched the show's trailer, but I haven't had a chance to track the episodes. I hope you enjoy this foreign series.


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Netflix series recommendations – popular Netflix series – MindHunter

Genre: Crime, Drama, thriller/16 +

IMAP4 Score: 8.6 – Season Number: 1 – Starting Date: 2020-ongoing: ✅Trailer

Starring: Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Anna Torv

Mindhunter is another best Netflix series on my list of best Netflix TV shows.

Mindhunter is one of the best Netflix Productions in the drama category. Mind Hunter: The series, inspired by the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit novel, passes in 1979.

In order to solve ongoing cases, questioning the serial killers in prison and explaining the two FBI agents trying to understand their inner state was a good psychological production.

Even though I haven't seen it yet, the first season has been on the air with 10 episodes. If you love drama-type foreign sequences, follow Mindhunter.

12-Altered Carbon

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Watch the best Netflix series Altered Carbon – TR – Modified Carbon

Genre: Sci-fi, crime, action

IMDB Score: 8.2 – Season Number: 1-Start Date: 2020-ongoing: Wa✅tch series trailers

Starring: Joel Kinnaman, James Purefoy, Martha Higareda

The other Netflix series on my list of best Netflix TV shows is Altered Carbon; This new Netflix series between Netflix TV shows is being followed by curiosity. After 250 years in the ice, a prisoner resurrected in a new body must solve an unimaginable murder to regain his freedom.

No one can live forever, "Altered Carbon was adapted from Richard K. Morgan's classic Siberpunk novel.

Takeshi Kovacs is the only surviving military survivor of an interstellar elite warrior who has fallen prey to the new world order.

His consciousness has been imprisoned in ice for centuries, until a man named Laurens Bancroft, who has been very wealthy and has survived for many years, has offered him a chance to live again.

In return, Bancroft wants Kovacs to solve his own murder.

13-Orange is the New Black

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Netflix popular sequences – Netflix series Recommendations – Orange is the New Black

Genre: Crime, comedy series, Drama

IMAP4 Score: 8.3 – Season number: 4 – Start date: 2016-ongoing: se✅ries Trailer watch

Starring: Taylor Schilling, Danielle Brooks, Taryn Manning

One of the most watched Netflix series I've ranked in the Netflix series is Orange is the New Black, the genre of comedy, the series I liked among Netflix comedy series, but a bit Trag😀ikomedi 8.3 by IMDB, Orange is the New Black, There is a good position among the foreign arrays of prison-themed.

The subject is as follows;

Piper Chapman is a woman engaged. He was arrested 10 years ago during his college years because of Alex Vause, and he's in prison for a few years.

Before he goes to prison, Piper, who has lived a luxurious and comfortable life with his fiancée Larry, is giving up all of this and surrenders voluntarily. He will witness that the world is actually very different in prison life.

It starts questioning what happened to life. Although he cannot fully adapt to the prison culture in his first time in prison, he will experience enormous changes and see his life outside gradually changing. In prison, he will be a true self as a friend with interesting and unspoken types.

Piper's prison life is a humorous language, starting to gradually erase the memory of the things he loves in his life outside the series and learn what to do under difficult circumstances.

If you love prison-themed sequences, I'd say follow Orange is the New Black. The Netflix TV shows are popular in the Netflix app.

14-Lost in Space

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix Series 2020 – Netflix Izle-Lost in Space

Genre: Blim Fiction, Drama/7 +

IMAP4 Score: unknown – Season number: 1-Start Date: 2020-ongoing: se✅ries trailer

Starring: Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Maxwell Jenkins

Another Netflix series suggestion on my new Netflix series list, Lost in Space, has not received a good rating from the series IMDB, but I've added it to the sequences I'm going to watch. Lost in Space comes to mind when new Netflix series are called.

The subject of the Lost in Space series is as follows; The Robinsons, who are forced to land on a planet they don't know, struggle to survive and escape from the planet despite all obstacles. But their circles are full of hidden dangers.

 The classical sci-fi series of the 1960s is a modern interpretation of Lost in Space, which is 30 years after the production day. When colonization begins in space, the Robinson family is entitled to live in a more world.
The tests they pass are set out to build a new colony in space after the trainings they receive. But during the journey, unexpected events occur and devive from their routes.
The Robinson family, who has to do a mandatory job on a planet they don't know, fights to survive in this place, dozens of light-years away from their homes. Netflix Series list is in progress.

15-Rick and Morty

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix Series – Netflix new series – Rick and Morty

Genre: Sci-fi, animation, comedy, dark humor

IMDB Score: 9.4 – Season number: 3-Start Date: 2013-Ongoing: s✅eries trailer

Another foreign series in the ranking of the best Netflix series is the series, which says hello to the screens in December 2013, and has received the flag in a sci-fi comedy genre, a phenomenon called cartoon Rick and Morty.

I seem to be trying to make this sci-fi comedy look like a very ambitious phrase, but when you watch this show, you'll see I'm right.

This series of best Netflix sequences is about adventure through adventure with her grandson, Morty, who was dragged by a crackpot scientist, Rick.

The definition of Rick and Morty's rather bizarre and dangerous journeys as interdimensional travel may be somewhat inadequate.

So that adventures can continue in a human anatomy. I mean, theirs is a trip that's not definite.

Like I said, I'd say a comic series full of crazy and adventurous adventures. If you love cartoons, I'd say follow.


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix TV Shows – Netflix series recommendations – Dexter

Genre: Crime, thriller, Drama, action/16 +

INTERNET Rating: 8.7 – Season number 8-Start date: 2013-continues: X – Trailer

Starring: Michael C. Hall/Jennifer Carpenter/David Zayas/James Remar/C.S. Lee/Luna Lauren Velez 

In the Netflix series list, Dexter is one of the best and most watched TV shows on Netflix, and is the life of Dexter Morgan, a daytime forensic examiner and a serial killer at night.

Dexter Morgan, a blood analyst at the Miami Metro Police Department, tries to kill the bad guys who have somehow escaped justice, even if the murder table is unsolved or unsolved.

A series of action and intellect that will be the first to be ranked as the best detective series among the best Netflix series. If you're interested in this kind of tension-filled series, Dexter is for you.

17-The Crown

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix series-the most watched series of Netfliz-The Crown

Genre: History, Drama series

INTERNET Rating: 8.7 – Number of Seasons 2-Start date: 2020-Ongoing✅: – Trailer

Starring: Claire Foy/Matt Smith/Victoria Hamilton/Vanessa Kirby/Pip Torrens/Will Keen 

The Crown, which I would like to place on my list of best Netflix TV shows, also reveals how high-quality it is for the production of Netflix.

The Crown is briefly subject to the 2nd. The intrigue of Britain's Buckingam Palace, which has recently emerged from war after World War II, handles events that lead to their love, the political life and future of Britain.

In this, Queen II. There are events that Elizabeth is experiencing. There is also a biographical structure of the series where Netflix is allocates serious budgets, and the period of events is perfectly reflected.

Netflix series offerings are ongoing and Netflix original series Dark is in order.


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Netflix serials-Netflix series recommendations – Dark

Genre: Sci-fi, Drama, Supernatural

INTERNET Rating: 8.7 – Number of Seasons 1-Start date: 2020-ongoing: ✅series trailer

Dark cast: Oliver Masucci, Karoline Eichhorn, rdis Triebel | Click here for Full list.

Another Netflix series suggestion, which I am among the popular Netflix series, is Dark, Netflix's first-ever-German original, which is also a feature of Stranger Things. Dark is in the original German language.

The subject of the Dark series is as follows; In the small German town of Winden, some children disappear every 33 years. The main character of the series, Ulrich Neilsen's brother lost in 1986, and in 2020, after a high school student, Ulrich's youngest son Mikkel disappears. It is no longer possible for 33 years ago not to come to mind.

In particular, the real problem is that Mikkel's ' ' is not where, but at what time ' '. Dark has become a popular Netflix series in a short time, and may perhaps be nominated for the best sci-fi series.

You should always get the Dark sequence Netflix app in the order to be watched.

 19-BoJack Horseman 

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Watch the best Netflix Threads – Netflix Series suggestions – Bojack Horseman

Genre: Netflix animation sequences, comedy, Drama/16 +

IMAP4 Score: 8.5 – Season number 4 – Start date: 2020-In progress: ✅  

Series Trailer

Voice actors: Will Arnett/Amy Sedaris/Alison Brie

Another line series BoJack Horseman I want to watch among Netflix arrays is an animated series for adults by the series Netflix. In the 90s, he played the lead role in a sitcomat called Horsin Around, and thus a shining star.

Yes, you didn't read it wrong! Our main character is a horse that can easily do everything people do, not drop the booze and walk on two legs.

Without giving more spoilers, I would say if you are interested in the line series and animation, you must follow.

 20-The End Of The F * * * ing World 

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix TV Shows-Netflix series recommendations-The End Of The F * * * ing World

Genre: Youth Series, Drama

IMAP4 Score: 8.2 In – Season 1-Start date: 2020-continues: ✅– Trailer

Starring: Jessica Barden/Alex Lawther/Steve Oram

Another Netflix series on my list, The End Of The F * * * ing World, is an array of British series, but as I mentioned in the Dark series, it is the original series Netflix has taken on a regional basis. Adapted from Charles Forsman's comic book, The End Of The F * * * ing World is a film-tasting series consisting of 8 chapters and 20 minutes of every episode. The series is addressing the stories of two teenagers traveling to a dark end.

The topic of the series is as follows; A 17-year-old teenager, James, a sociopath who committed suicide in front of his mother's eyes. The cat started killing dogs and wanted more than that.
And there's Alyssa. A lonely, rebellious young girl, where her mother and father left traumatic scars.

17-year-old James is pretty confident that he's a psycho. The moods of the Gitgelli think that it can now kill a person as a result of the cold and not caring about anything. He has the perfect Choice for his first expedition.

Again, 17-year-old Alyssa is the coolest and grumpy girl who just came to school. It is contrary to human nature and although it is popular it does not feel its own here. One day he thinks he might have found his soul mate watching James.

When things at home go back to Alyssa's mother and stepfather, Alyssa leaves the house and persuades James to help find his real father. While James ' sociopath impulses and the tendency to violence are increasingly increasing, Alyssa blinded love and continues to ignore what happens at the end of the road.

The duo find themselves stricken with events that will lead them to a dangerous and unreal path.


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Watch the best Netflix sequences – Netflix series recommendations – Ozark

Genre: Drama, thriller, crime

IMAP4 Score: 8.3 In – Season 1-Start date: 2020-ongoing: se✅ries trailer

Ozark Cast: Trevor Long, Jason Bateman, Laura Linney

Ozark is another set of recommendations on my list of best Netflix TV shows. A Chicago-based financial adviser secretly smuggled his family into the Missouri Ozarks if their relationship with the drug cartel deteriorates.

The subject of Ozark is as follows; An ordinary family living in the Chicago suburb, the family father, Marty Byrde's finance and consulting company, the second largest drug cartel in Mexico to get involved in the money laundering business.

Later on, he tells the story of his wife Wendy and Charlotte and two young children named Jonah, who were transported to southern Missouri, known as the Ozark Plateau, to protect his family.

For the Byrde family, of course this escape is not an end, it will be the beginning of an adventurous life.

I hope you will enjoy it in Ozark if you have already watched the series Breaking Bad.


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Netflix Series Recommendations-Alien series – Glow

Genre: Netflix American TV series, Women's series

IMAP4 Score: 8.0 in – Season 1-Start date: 2020-ongoing: seri✅es trailer

Starring: Alison Brie/Marc Maron/Betty Gilpin

Another best Netflix show on my list is Glow, the best of the series Netflix Women's series. A group of women working for a wrestling organization in Los Angeles is subject to their personal and professional lives. The subject of the series is;

He describes the life of Ruth Wilder, a unemployed actress who lives in Los Angeles in the 1980s and striving to ascend.

This series was originally inspired by a real woman wrestling show, arranged between 86 and 90 years. At the same time, as the series passed through the 80s, the tension with the Soviet Union is reflected in the series.

I haven't seen this original series of Netflix yet, but I wanted to share with you the information I obtained from some sources with its subject and staff. I'd appreciate it if you were watching the show and the likes commented.


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix TV Shows-Travelers

Genre: Sci-fi

IMAP4 Score: 8.1 – Season number 1-start date: 2020-ongoing: se✅ries trailer

Starring: MacKenzie Porter/Eric McCormack/Nesta Cooper 

Another popular foreign series suggestion in my list of Netflix series proposals is the US-made sci-fi series, which started broadcasting in 2016.

In the director's seat, Brad Wright sat down and found himself in a low competition due to the lack of science fiction movies and series in recent years.

Although the series ' shooting process was initially distressed by the budget, more than anticipated audience capture has relieved the series team, and the producer company Netflix is 1. and 2. He decided to run the seasons.

Travelers, the subject is as follows

As in classical sci-fi films and series, the population of the world has decreased dramatically at the end of technology and production. A group of people who survived until then and discovered a chance to know each other by coincidence discovers a time machine.

After this discovery, they build a group called the Travelers. The aim of the group is to find out why the world has become this, and try to prevent it by making historical journeys from the future with the time machine.

Among the group individuals, each individual has its own set of methods. These methods are the most fundamental element that determines the course of the sequence. In short, once the time machine is found, nothing will be the same as before; Both Earth and our heroes will be waiting for dozens of adventures.

If you like foreign sequences in sci-fi style, Travelers can be a set for you.


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Original Netflix Serials-Netflix series recommendations-Bloodline

Genre: Drama, thriller

IMAP4 Score: 8.1 – Season number 4-Start date: 2015-ongoing:✅ – Trailer

Starring: Kyle Chandler/Ben Mendelsohn/Linda Cardellini

Another Netflix series suggestion on my list of little-known Netflix TV shows, Bloodline, joined the original Netflix series in 2015 and gained a considerable audience.

The topic of the series is as follows;

Rayburnler, a family with 4 children who are a hotel operator in Florida, is a beloved and respected member of the region they live in.

Danny Rayburn, the great son of the family, returns to town after years. The arrival by all members of the family is unwelcome, so unwanted Danny's parents are asked to return to where they came from.

But Danny tells his family that he's not a human being, but he does bad things, and he's determined not to go without it. With the return of the great son of the contemporary Rayburn family, the troubled days of the family begin and watch the series in drama and suspense.

 25-The Expanse 

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix series-The Expanse

Genre: Sci-fi, Netflix fantasy series/13 +

IMAP4 Score: 8.4 – Season number 2-start date: 2020-In progress: X trailer

Starring: Steven Strait/Cas Anvar/Dominique Tipper | 

The Expanse, another popular series on my list of little-known Netflix TV shows, joined The Netflix family in The sci-fi category in 2020.

The topic of the series is as follows;

An experienced detective who spent 200 years after the series began looking for a wealthy family's missing daughter and meeting with a spaceship captain and the events flourish.

As a transport ship in the Asteroid belt a century ago, the spaceship Canterbury, now transporting water, distributes ice to the colonies in the Saturn rings.

Canterbury is seen as an opportunity for those who do not work elsewhere for reasons such as inadequate or not being better suited to their past.

The Expanse is largely subject to the events surrounding the Canterbury ship, the cabin crew and a detective, solving mysteries and protecting the solar system from dangers.

I haven't seen The Expanse of the best Netflix series yet, but I wanted to brief you about the subject and its players, and I hope you like it.

Update: 25.11.2020 The Expanse Array is no longer among The Netflix series, according to information from the source with a more stringent series follower than me. But I wanted to make such a statement instead of removing it from the list so I could not corrupt the URL structure of my blog. Supposedly, the producer sold the series to Amazon and Netflix removed the show from the library in Turkey.

 26-The Rain 

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix Series 2020 – The Rain

Genre: Sci-fi, thriller, Drama

IMDB Score: – – Season number 1-Start date: 2020-continues:✅ – Trailer

Starring: Alba August/Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen/Mikkel Boe Følsgaard

Another Netflix series suggestion on my list of Netflix arrays is The Rain, the series that joined the Netflix family this year has not yet received a good rating by IMBD but I think it will appeal to audiences over time. That's why I added the best Netflix series to my list.

The Rain issue is as follows:

It's the end of the world we know. After six years of a deadly virus that comes in the rain and destroys most of the population of Scandinavia, two Danish brothers take a journey to find a safe place.

By participating in other surviving young people, they begin a dangerous journey to seek a life sign for the rest of the Iskandinavya.

Meanwhile, the series is made in Denmark. That is, the worldwide online media creator, Netflix continues to create its original content for countries. After the Dark, which he made for Germany, he assumed The construction of The Rain series in Denmark.

 27-Star Trek: Discovery 

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
New Netflix sequences – Netflix series Recommendations – Star Trek: Discovery

Genre: Sci-Fi, American series, fantasy, adventure/16 +

IMAP4 Score: 7.6 In – Season 1-Start date: 2020-continues: ✅– Trailer

Starring: Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif

Netflix series 2020 another Netflix show on my list Star Trek: Discovery, I haven't seen the show yet, but I wanted to share it in my TV series to keep in mind if you like the Netflix series in the style of sci-fi and Space adventures.

The subject of the series is;

After centuries of silence, war erupts between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.  There's a disgraced Starfleet officer at the center of the conflict. I hope you enjoy the ser🙂ies without giving too many spoilers.

28-Marco Polo

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Netflix TV shows – Netflix series recommendations – Marco Polo

Genre: Action and Adventure sequences/16 +

IMAP4 Score: 8.1 – Season number 2-start date: 2016-ongoing: X – Trailer

Starring: Lorenzo Richelmy/Benedict Wong/Zhu Zhu

One of the most beautiful Netflix TV shows on my list is Marco Polo. The topic of the series is as follows; 13. The story of the Century in China begins by Marco Polo's father as a gift/servant/hostage to Kublai Khan in order to comfortably maintain and trade the journey of Silk Road.

While Marco Polo struggles to survive in this new life of political showdowns and cultural differences, we are monitoring the challenges that Kublai Khan has faced to preserve his reign.

I'm on my list for this Netflix series IMDB score I haven't seen yet. If you follow or have viewers, you can share your thoughts with comments. A good time.

29-Luke Cage

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Most popular Netflix series – Luke Cage

Genre: Sci-fi/Action & Adventure Sequences/crime/16 +

IMAP4 Score: 7.5 – Season number 2-Start date: 2020-Ongoing: ✅ Trailer

Starring: Mike Colter, Simone Missick, Theo Rossi

One of the best TV shows in Netflix is Luke Cage, a Netflix series; Marvel's Agents of Shield, Daredevil, Agent Carter and Jessica Jones are the series that completes the ring after the series. Luke Cage soon won the admirers of the Marvel sericymakers.

Speaking of agents of Shield, Daredevil, Agent Carter and Jessica Jones, of course I'm going to add these beautiful sequences from the Netflix platform to my list. I know the Luke Cage series is a chronological watch with other aforementioned sequences, but it's your choice. I'd like to start by putting the Luke Cage series on my Netflix TV list for now. I'll sort it out later.

The Luke Cage issue is as follows:

After the first season of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Hell's Kitchen, meets a very painful reality and goes to Harlem. When he moved to Harlem, wanting to stay away from heroism, working two jobs, paying for his rent, trying to make a living, Luke Cage, who faced himself during this period of self-knowledge, he could not go away from trouble and in action-packed events He finds himself.

You should always get this series that is popular with Netflix TV shows on your Netflix app.

30-El Chapo

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Latest Netflix Series – El Chapo

Genre: Crime, Drama, action/16 +

IMAP4 Score: 7.9 – Season number 3 – Start: 2020 – continues: ✅Trailer

Starring: Marco de la O, Humberto Busto, Diego Vásquez

I've added the new Netflix series El Chapo Netflix original series to my list according to Kaan Bey's request from our list of new Netflix series. I haven't seen the show yet, but I've added it to my watch list. I hope you'll like it and watch it.

The subject of El Chapo; El Chapo is a series of action and Netflix's crime-themed sequences. With the Narcos series, Netflix attracts the attention of crime series lovers, hopefully the same effect will be expected in this series.

The series was addressed to the life of the Mexican Joaquin Guzman, known for his drug cartel leader, El Chapo. The dark Life of Joaquin Guzman in the series El Chapo, the escape of the police, and the days spent in prison are processed in detail.

El Chapo, the famous drug smug in 2014, after being captured in prison, and a year in a tunnel to escape from prison in the scenario also takes place.

Joaquin Guzman has been smuggling drugs since his teenage years. In the 1990s, he escaped from the police for a long time and went on a big rise in the Dark World.

By 2016, Joaquin Guzman, the leader of the famous drug gang, left behind his old action-packed days in a big fall.

If you love crime and action-style sequences, El Chapo is for you, I'd say follow.


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Netflix TV Series – New Netflix series – Outlander

Genre: Romantic Series – Adventure & Action/16 +

The DATABASE Score: 8.5 – Season number 3 – Start: 2016 – continues: ✅

Starring: Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies

This epic story, adapted from the series of popular fantasy romance novels by Diana Gabaldon, is the next series of Outlander in my Netflix series watch list, focusing on two love stories in two different times.

I didn't watch the show, and I didn't do any research on the series, but I'm sure it's the best romantic series of Netflix for romantic TV lovers. I'm not a romantic TV show, but it must be a pretty impressive show, considering the Imdb score.

I visited my page and added it to the list for Cactus, who left that precious interpretation. I thank him. A good time.


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix Series – New Netflix series – Vikings

Genre: Drama – Adventure & Action/16 +

IMAP4 Score: 8.6 – Season number 4-start: 2020 – continues: ✅ Trailer Izle

Starring: Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen

In the Netflix series recommendation List, the next best Netflix series is the Vikings, the series also ranks among the lesser known Netflix series for me. Netflix is a series of fun to watch, but not as much as Game of Thrones.

It's a realistic drama where Viking hero Ragnar Lothbrok is able to see how Norse expands its boundaries by challenging a forward-seeing, inadequate leader.

The subject of the series is briefly; 8. In the series of Iskandinavya in the century, Ragnar Lothbrok, a simple farmer, tells the drama of our hero and his family, who became a brave warrior.

While watching the brutal and fearless men of Ragnor, who were believed to be descendants of the war god Odin, were accompanied by the sea. This series is a co-production of Canada and Ireland, describing the very little and intriguing culture of the Vikings, a tribe of warriors and merchants.

The story of the series, which can be described as a historical drama, is based on real European legends and historical figures.

I haven't had a chance to watch the show yet, but I added my Twitter follower @catz_music to my list of Vikings suggested. I hope you'll watch the show with Love. A good time.

If you're also looking for a series list other than Netflix, you can browse the carefully crafted list if you're looking for foreign series suggestions.


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Netflix Series Recommendations – Maniac

Genre: Drama – Comedy/16 +

IMAP4 Score: 8.1 – Season number 1 – Start: 2020 – Ongoing: ✅ Trailer Izle

Starring: Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, Justin Theroux

A link between the newest Netflix series Maniac, a doctor with problems with his mother, and two strangers participating in a bizarre drug experiment conducted by an emotionally complex computer.

Maniac is a very similar world to our world, and at a time that resembles our time, two strangers Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) and Owen Milgrim (Jonah Hill) face the final stage of a mysterious drug test for their own good reasons.

If you like the Netflix series as a comedy style, I'd say that's a foreign series for you.


Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Watch new Netflix Series-Bodyguard

Genre: British series, crime-themed TV series – 16 +

IMAP4 Score: 8.3 In – season number 1 – Start: 2020 – continues: ✅ 

Watch Netflix Bodyguard Trailer

Starring: Richard Madden, Keeley Hawes, Gina McKee

The war veteran, which helps prevent a terrorist attack, is assigned to the task of protecting the politician, one of the most important supporters of the war he participated in.

Another Netflix crime series Bodyguard I want to add to my list of best Netflix TV shows, I just started watching the show and it's 4th. I came to the end of the episode.

When I saw the show among the original Netflix series, I started watching Turkish subtitles without too much expectation and I would say I liked it very much. Also this is the popular Netflix series Bodyguard IMDB score 8.3 and that's a pretty good point.

I gave a lot of spoilers about the knee, I already crossed the top summary, but still briefly mentioned in the topic of war veteran, a politician who supports the war is a special protection of the champion. Of course, this situation is a storm in him.

It is difficult for him to accept that the politician who is at the end of an uneasy war, the violence that supports this war.

Apart from these, the events become more complicated as a result of a relationship with the politician he protects.

I keep watching the show, see what happens, if you like the crime-type Netflix TV series, I'd say you watch the Bodyguard for you.

35-The Last Kingdom

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Best Netflix British TV series – Watch Netflix TV Shows

Genre: Arrays adapted from books, British-made arrays 16 +

IMAP4 Score: 8.3 – Season number 3 – Start: 2020 – continues: ✅ 

Starring: Alexander Dreymon, Emily Cox, David Dawson

Watch Netflix The Last Kingdom Trailer

Netflix is the next popular Netflix series on my list of top sequences, The Last Kingdom, the great Alfred, defending his kingdom against the invader invaders, born Saxon and bred by the Vikings, Uhtred, the birthright of the Call.

36-Hakan: Guardian (The Protector)

Top Netflix series on the IMDB 8.0 39 + Netflix Array recommendations
Hakan: Guardian (The Protector)

A young man who lives in today's Istanbul and discovers his vineyard with an ancient secret union, is on an adventure to save the city from an immortal enemy.

IMAP4 Score: 9.3 In – season number 1 – Start: 2020 – continues: ✅ 

Starring: Çağatay Ulusoy, Ayça Ayşin Turan, Hazar Ergüçlü

Another beautiful series on my list of Best Netflix series is Hakan: The Guardian is the first Turkish series of Netflix. The guard has gained a lot of appreciation with the first 10 episodes of season 1. Although the IMDB score starts from 9.3 and is now 8.6, the series has attracted considerable attention.

I got the Guardian on my list because I enjoyed both the Turkish series and the first ten episodes in a snap.

Hakan: The subject of the Guardian passes in Istanbul. When Hakan worked with his stepfather at an antique shop in the closed bazaar, he suddenly changed his life and learns that he was the Guardian. He realizes that the loyal people who gave him this information were ridiculous, but he had extraordinary powers with the shirt he had in his hand, and he pursued the immortal who destroyed his family in the past.

As I said, the series has gained a lot of appreciation with the subject and staff hopefully you can watch it. A good time.

Best Netflix Series 2020

Netflix TV Series 2020 I'm going to go on my list, so goodbye for now. If this is the list, why not this or this series? If you write a comment in the form of a Netflix series, I love to add that series and watch it.

I also didn't create the list at once, because I want to share it with you if it's a new Netflix-acclaimed Netflix series.

"Meanwhile, you can also look at the list of the best horror movies, specially crafted for people who turn the feeling of fear into a life-giving hobby.".

Sources: The player and IMDB score information for the Netflix-made series was taken from the Netflix series and the information from the IMAP4 points. You are visiting the YouTube address to watch the series ' trailers.

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