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17. The first trualships in the century. For a certain period of time, technical terms and Armamon were considerably weaker than those of armored warships. But the 20th. In the century, the countries that wanted to strengthen their fleet began creating warships that were not equal to the firepower. But not all States can afford to build a ship like this. Super ships had a huge cost. Consider the world's largest battleship, features and other important details.

The world's largest battleship

"Richelieu" and "Bismarck"

A French gemisi47 named "Richelieu" has a thousand-ton displacement. The length of the vessel is approximately 247 meters. The main purpose of the ship was to carry the Italian fleet, but the battleship did not see any active combat operations. The exception is only 1947 Operation Senegal. In 1968, the French cardinal named Richelieu was scrapped. One of the main weapons was established in Brest as a monument.

"Bismarck"-One of the legendary ships, the German fleet. The length of the ship is 251 meters and displacement is 51 thousand tons. Battleship was launched in 1938, and Adolf Hitler himself was present. In 1941, the ship sunk by the forces of the British fleet, as a result of which many people died. But it's not the biggest battleship in the world, so let's go.

The world's largest battleship

German "Tirpitz" and Japanese "Yamato"

Of course, Tirpitz is not the world's largest battleship, but had extraordinary technical characteristics during the war. However, after the fall of "Bismarck", he was never actively involved in the war. The water was launched in 1939 and was already destroyed by torpedo bombers in 44.

But the Japanese "Yamato"-the warship that was sunk as a result of the world's largest fighting battles. The Japanese have been very careful with this ship, so they did not participate in hostenities until 44 years ago, but this possibility fell more than once. The water was released in 1941. Length of the vessel-263 meters. There were 2.5 thousand crew members on board all the time. In April 1945, as a result of an attack on the American fleet, the Battle of Yamato took 23 direct hits by torpedoes. As a result, the nasal chamber exploded and the ship went down. According to rough estimates, more than 3,000 people died and only 268 escaped as a result of the shipwreck.

Another tragic story

Ii. During World War II there was no chance in the field of Japanese Battleships. It's hard to say exactly why. In the technical department or the entire commander's fault, it will remain a secret. Nevertheless, the "Yamato" was then built another giant-"Musashi". It was 263 meters long with a displacement of 72,000 tons. It was first started in 1942. But this ship was waiting for the tragic fate of its predecessor. The first naval war is over, it's a success. The American submarine Musashi took a serious hole in the broadcast after the attack, but remained safe on the battlefield. But after a while, the ship was attacked by American planes in the sea of Sibuyan. The main impact has fallen in this collision.

The world's largest battleship photoThe bombs were the result of 30 direct hits on the ship. Then more than 1,000 crew members and the ship's captain were killed. In 2015, Musashi was discovered at a depth of 1.5 kilometers by an American millionaire.

Who's the judge in the ocean?

You can tell clearly here-America. The truth is, the biggest battleship in the world has been built there. Moreover, during the war, the United States had more than 10 combat-capable supervessels, while Germany was about 5. None of the USSR existed. Although today we know the project called the Soviet Union. It was developed during the war, and the ship was already 20% built, but not more.

It was written from the world's largest battle war-Wisconsin. In 2006, he went to the parking lot in Norflok Harbor and today is a museum exhibition. This giant was 270 meters long with a displacement of 55 thousand tonnes. During the war, he actively participated in various special operations and accompanied the carrier groups. The last time he was involved in the conflict in the Persian Gulf.

The world's greatest war war

Top 3 giants from America

"Iowa"-a linear American ship length of about 270 meters from a place of 58 thousand tons. This is one of the most distinguished ships in the United States, even if it is not the world's largest ship. The "Iowa" Battleship was first launched in 1943 and took place in numerous naval battles. It is actively used as an escort for aircraft carriers, and is also used to support land forces. In 2012 he was sent to Los Angeles where he was now a museum.

But almost everyone knows about the Black dragon, and an American, "New Jersey", was nicknamed because he was terrified of his existence on the battlefield. This is the world's largest battleship in the history of the Vietnam War. It was launched in 1943, and it looked like the "Iowa" ship. The length of the vessel is 270.5 meters. This is a real experience of naval battles sent to the port city of Camden in 1991. There is now and serves as a landmark.

World's greatest battleship in the Second World War

World War II's greatest World War

The first place of honour was occupied by the Missouri ship. He was not only the greatest representation (271 meters long), but was the last American battleship. Most of this ship is known for being on a ship signed by Japan's concession agreement. But at the same time, "Missouri" took an active role in the fight. It was downloaded from the shipyard in 1944 and used to accompany carrier groups and to support various special operations. Last shot in the Persian Gulf. In 1992, he was excluded from the U.S. Navy reserves and went to the parking lot at Pearl Harbor.

This is one of America's most famous ships, and the World was filmed a documentary about him. Meanwhile, millions of dollars each year are spent in the United States to support the working conditions of abandoned battleships, because this is a historical value.

Hope failed

Not even the world's greatest war war has justified the hopes given to Him. A live example of this is Japanese giants destroyed by American bombers and without time to respond to the main caliber. All this was low-efficiency to aviation.

The world's largest battleship in historyI'm still amazed at the firepower of warships. For example, 460 mm artillery parts, almost each weighing 3 tonnes, were mounted on the Yamato. In total, about 9 such weapons settled. True, the designers banned simultaneous volleyball because it would cause mechanical damage on board at the same time.

An important feature was protection. The armour plates of various thicknesses defended the most important components and assemblies of the ship and had to provide the flotation power in any situation. The main weapon had a 630 mm mask. He would not have been punched by any weapon in the world, even when he almost opened fire at the point. But he still didn't save the warship from death.

He was attacked by an American assault aircraft. All day the total number of aircraft participating in the special operation reached 150 vehicles. The situation was not more critical after the initial failures in the hull, when 5 torpedoes were shot, a 15-degree roll appeared, with anti-heating decreased to 5 degrees. But at that time, there was a huge loss of personnel. When the roll reaches 60 degrees, there was a terrible explosion. That was a big part of the main caliber, about 500 tonnes of explosives. So this article is a photograph you can see, the world's largest battleship sank.

The biggest ship in the World War

Let's summarize the results

Today, any ship, even the world's largest battleship, is technically significantly delayed. Pistes do not allow effective intended fire due to insufficient angles of vertical and horizontal orientation. Massive mass doesn't allow it to gain high speed. All this makes battleships easy for aviation, with large dimensions, especially if there is no air support and destroyer Cap.

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