Investing in the ship makes money…

With the increasing parallel to the growth of world trade, shipping transports investors to the ship. The prices of ships are worth millions of dollars…

Investing in the ship makes money…

Whether you are buying a dry cargo ship or a tanker, renting or owning a ship is one of the most popular business arms of recent years. With the increasing parallel to the growth of world trade, shipping transports investors to the ship. The prices of ships are worth millions of dollars…

The world trade is growing. Around 6.5 percent of the world trade, which is growing by approximately 90 percent of the import and export products are done by sea. Although pauses are expected to grow in world trade, investing in maritime trade is almost one of the most profitable investment areas in the last two years. According to estimates, the world is assuming that the maritime trade will grow by 3.5 percent each year. The demand for dry cargo is close to 5 per cent each year and oil tanker demand is expected to increase by 2 percent. This means a high-profitability investment area for investors across the globe and in Turkey.

Although the summer period in the world maritime trade, and especially in many countries of Europe, is currently due to a drop in freight prices, owning a ship is always profitable due to the freight charge. Owning a ship requires serious capital. Because the manufactured date, the country in which it is manufactured, the sheet used, the tonnage varies according to many criteria, but the prices are rising exponentially.

The attraction of freight fee

Mardin Marine Gonca Ipek Cakir explains the attraction for those who want to trade the freight fee. "To give an example, in 2004, 30 thousand tons of dry cargo ship's daily earnings around 21 thousand dollars in the current earnings of 30-35 thousand dollars passed. 170 thousand tons of dry cargo ships are now exceeding 100 thousand dollars per day at 50 thousand. That's what the container is for. 40 thousand torpedoes per day, the ship's daily freight fee is 28 thousands of dollars today at 38-40 thousand dollar levels. This also enticing investors to be the owner of the ship and to rent it or run it himself. "

Type of vessel in determining freight fee. The burden it takes, the distance it goes. The freight charge also means the cost of transportation by ship type. The snow comes from the freight charge. So if the daily cost of a ship is 7 thousand dollars and you bought a 30 thousand dollar job with your ship, here's a tremendous profit!

Where, how to buy?

Stating that there are two ways to trade in the sea, Çakır says one of them is for investment purposes. If you have money in your pocket, you want to buy a ship and rent your ship, you need to apply for foreign or overseas brokers. Or, if the investor has a maritime background, he or she can buy and sell the ship-bought places, but it requires time and bargaining power.

In order to buy a ship, the company said that it must first establish a dry cargo, tanker or container to which type of vessel is required to be determined first. Then type, tonnage, where it is manufactured, etc.

Stating that the orders of the vessels that are on sale all over the world come to the brokers, Çakır says the ship is almost seen and the order is taken. After meeting with the owner's broker, the contract is made and the first ship is taken.

Preferred vessels

Although the ships built in Europe are more preferable to quality, the demand for ships produced in South Korea, Japan and China is much more demanding. In recent years, orders are rising to the ships produced in Turkey. This is because the labour standards of ships, both quality and technology, are now rising.

Haluk Tacal, owner of the Nebula Maritime company that sells ships, stated that the price of a second-hand ship in 2003 is around 5-5.5 million dollars, and that figure now has 16 million. The container owner, emphasizing that shipping by sea is an attractive sector at the moment, Tacal, investing in business arms in the field of maritime trade is a parallel course of growth in the world trade and the growing of world trade The speed of the ship, transportation, buying and selling, renting is an attractive business branch draws attention. In line with the increase of the current load, the demand for ships has increased, Tacal said, that the demand for those who want to buy ships is increasing, it is valid not only in Turkey but in the whole world.

Currently, the most ship-buying country is Greece, he says. Countries such as China, Holland, Norway are also ranked. Ships to buy ships and vessels that can carry more dry cargo, and oil-transport tankers. Prices vary according to the type of ship or tanker, depending on the country and Tonage, but at least 5-10 million dollars should be reviewed for a ship with a minimum of 6-7 years old.

Tanker Reload

According to the information we received from Alpina maritime, there is now a remarkable improvement in demand. This is from the dry cargo ship to the tanker intake. Dry cargo ship owners sell their ships by selling tanker, while the ship's purchase and sale and rental is very moving in the world market and Turkey is noted.

The price gap between second-hand ship prices and new ship prices in the last two years is also increasingly reduced. The price difference is almost 15-20 percent.

In parallel with the increase in world trade, the expectation that both the first hand and the second-hand ship prices will increase. With this prediction, investors

Maritime trade.

Trading, leasing companies

Mardin Shipping: 0 216 327 7191

Alpina Shipping: 0 212 32015 70

Nebula Shipping: 0 212 29210 87

2k Shipping: 0 2126 488 88 77

IMI Shipping: 0 216 326 42 00

Borusan Logistics: 0 216 57150 00

TeamChart: 0 216 349 80 86

Note: Some companies have contact information. Many domestic foreign companies are operating in this area.

Notes from the maritime trade…

• Approximately 90 percent of the import and export loads of world trade are done by sea.

• The World trade fleet is around 800 million DWT and trading volume exceeds 300 billion dollars. Turkey's share is around 1.5 per cent.

• Approximately 15 million containers circulates annually in the world seas.

• According to the 2006 report of the International Maritime Bureau, Endenozya, Somalia, Nigeria. Bangladesh's Chittagong port and the ports of Brazil's Santos are the most risky areas to be attacked by pirates.

• Estimates assume that the world maritime trade will increase by 3.9 percent annually. Dry cargo demand is 4.9 per cent per year, and oil tanker demand is expected to increase by 1.6 per year. It is estimated that the container and other loads will reach 1.6 billion tonnes annually by 6 percent growth. The world's marine trade fleet is expected to grow by 3.2 per cent annually.

• Price examples: The 76,000 DWT-built dry bulk carrier, which will be delivered in October 2007, is sold to 66 million dollars, while the 1995 Hyundai built 73,670 DWT dry bulk carrier has a cost of 34.5 million dollars and returns 12 thousand dollars per day for eight years was purchased by rent. 1993 a single-walled crude oil tanker 244,275 DWT was found to be a buyer for 42 million dollars. 1991 Hyundai built 154,970 DWT double hull tanker 48 million dollars for the buyer found.

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