Working on cruise ships

Earn money and sight. Is there a heaven?
Do you like to travel? Would you like to go to the world's most exotic beaches, untouched islands or incredible cities? And a giant white cruise ship. Would it be nice if you could make some money? But how? Actually, there's an opportunity for young people to fulfill their dreams. It's Not easy to work on
cruise ships, is it? You've been going to the open sea for months without seeing anything other than the engine quarters. I can hear you saying "who knows what you're doing in the dirt." But read the article to the end, if you don't believe it, watch the short video, then think again.

Working on Cruise ships

What is required to work on cruise ship
s? How much money can you earn on
the ship? Is it so hard to wor
k on tour ships? How long do
es the minimum take each time?
How are the terms of asce

nsion and work? And the answer to dozens of questions. This is all in the middle of the Atlantic. This is the second contract of Cüneyt, who has been working on this ship for over a year. Both the first and second experiences, good and bad experience in an extremely entertaining ch
at. Like any job, there are pros and cons. But especially for teenagers, I think it would be great to have at least one contract, to experience it. Of course there's not a lot of business opportunities. Every headshot is not summoned immediately. And the ship companies do not promise you a rose garden. But isn't it worth trying to earn a little money, and even try to see these magnificent ports without paying? Some

foreign language, good references in the service industry, some experience. A lot of smiley, a pinch of confidence in the interview. The links below are the job application links of a few large ship companies. Click on them to go to the relevant pages and review. Norweg
ian Cruise LineMSC
Cruise LineCar
nival Cruise LineRo
yal Caribbean Cruise LineD
isney Cruise Line

MSC Cruise Jobs

Below is the announcement of the cruises company.

The following details should be taken into consideration for your applications in the position of the ship personnel in our
ESSELS: MSC Cruises The desired features in candidates who want to work on their ships are as foll
ows:-good and fluent high level English knowledge and 2. Good and fluent level in one lang
uage.-2. Foreign language knowledge of European languages is required for some departments (for reception and guest relations and tour Office sections 2. Foreign language information must be strictly required) languages: German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russia
n etc.-Tourism and hospitality sector departments, at least 2 years of work experience in the same position (reception, guest relations, Restaurant, Bar, animation, Mini Club, H
ousekeeping v. s) The following details should be included in your English résumé for job
personal info
rmation-marital status-
known foreign
-work experi
erences- We kindly ask you to send Your resume to the following addresses as request
ed above: Zoran @
Kouzon. com. mksashk
a @ kouzon. com. mkanta
lya @ kouzonturkey. Comafter your Cv is sent to the relevant addresses, our Italy head office will be shared with the relevant department and in the following process, our central office in Ital
y is contacted directly by the candidates. To complete your job application, we will also ask you to the ' Apply Now ' section. Create Profile ' step. Once you've created a profile, you can refer to the Department onl
ine. After creating a profile, you need to do some tests online. If you encounter a technical problem at this stage, you can send an e-mail to the following address by explaining the technical problem in English with the screenshot: msccru
ises. Recruitment @ msccruises. Comyou s
hould evaluate your Application and return to candidates The return is completely under the jurisdiction of our central Office in Italy and its respective depar
tments. Apart from these procedures, you will need some documentation in order to work on ships. The following are detailed information about these docum
ents: • Passport valid for at l
east 1 year • Ship m
an's wallet • STC
W 95 certificate • Panama Medical Certificate (will be sent by the head office after your recruitment t
akes place) • Panama Medical Examination (recruitment will be sent by the head office after your purch
ase has occurred) • HACCP certificate (mandatory for Bar and kitchen departments o
nly) all certificates must be in TURKISH/ENGLISH. How
to buy ship man's wallet and STCW95 certificate? Ca
ndidates must first go to maritime courses in order to obtain these documents, and those who succeed in the exam at the end of the course are entitled to receive them. Candidates who have finished the STCW95 course must apply to the port chairings afterwards. The d
uration of the courses lasts approximately 2 months.

My interpretation for working on cruise ships

First you need to remove the ship man's wallet, this process lasts for up to 4 months. Then you should get the life rescue tools and the certificate of retention for this, you must work for 6 months on a ship or on tour boats, provided that you can apply to work on cruise ships after you run these documents in the ship man's wallet . However, it is not e
asy to enter these ships at least 2 languages should be known, preferably in English, Spanish, German and Russian language. 2 ye
ars experience is required or if you have a very difficult torpedo requirement, do not waste your 10 months and your money to work on cruise ships.

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