Working on Cruise ship


Working on Cruise ship

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I've been surprised at the people who work on ships. I remember thinking a lot about how to travel on ships without landing for hours on dozens of days. But as time passed, I read how safe and comfortable these vessels are. The most beautiful occupations in the world are actually one of the hardest jobs in the world. Because while swimming a huge machine on the sea, these employees who are doing the most heavy work of this ship, are getting pretty tired.

Cruise ships are mainly used in tourism and are the travel ships that are replaced by the entertainment industry and their employees are chosen from people who appeal to the entertainment sector. It is not as easy as it is to work on cruise ships, although it is the entertainment industry and tourism ship. If you intend to work on Cruise ships and you have any profession, you can easily be involved in these ships. In this sector, which you will think of as a remote road hostess, you can fall into times when you can't even lift your arm from exhaustion.

What you need to work on cruise ship

How to work on Cruise ship?

Working on a Cruise ship may actually seem very difficult or even impossible at first, but you can warm up the idea of working on these ships thanks to the opportunities offered to the employees and the fees provided. If you don't know how to work on a Cruise ship, you should first review the services offered on these ships. On Cruise ships, many people work like cooks, hairdressers, engineers, carpenters, sales staff.

You have three options to work on the Cruise ship, fellas. The first option is European cruise ships, the second option is American cruise ships, and the last option is to provide the same service as cruise ships, but there are ships that appeal to people who are more middle-income. You can earn the most winnings on European and American cruise ships.

Cruise ships are actually mobile hotels that allow you to travel to desired countries because they are usually part of holiday life. This means that the luxury and comfort of these ships are often employed by the citizens of poor countries because they offer high salaries to employees. So when you start working on these ships, you can meet millions of people. To work on Cruise ships, you can refer to the listings that are opened to meet the needs of the vessels providing this service.

How is the working environment on Cruise ships?

When you want to work on Cruise ships, passengers who are aboard that ship will come out for a holiday. On these ships you will feel like you are in a holiday village, you'll find a unique view of the sea and a clean air. You can even wander around the city with the document that you are working on the ship because you are given the right to go out to the ports.



You can find different types of languages such as English, French and Arabic, as well as the opportunity to meet various different people on Cruise ships. You can take part in the entertainment activities that are made every night, so you have time to take a vacation. You can also obtain different information from people who work for you on these ships, which you will also get in business information, and you can progress in your profession as soon as possible. You will not have to spend money on these ships because you have the opportunity to meet your many needs. With the contract, you can also get the opportunity to take your 2-side holiday free of charge.

What are the requirements to work on Cruise ships?

If you intend to work on Cruise ships, you must have knowledge in a profession. For example, if you have a profession such as hairdressing or waitery, you can easily be taken to these ships. However, having knowledge in a profession is not enough to be taken to these vessels. You should also be familiar with the first aid. You can get information about this by going to the first aid courses and receive your certificate.

Cruise ship

Another document required on Cruise ships is hygiene training. You should not forget that you will be tested in this area as well as your document that you are adequate for hygiene. In order to work on cruise ships you will be subjected to a test not only for hygiene but also for first aid, many courses are given today. When you go to these courses, you can take all these courses by paying around TL 1,500 and get the information you will need on cruise ships.

When you want to work on Cruise ships, you can apply for the given ones and start by forwarding your necessary information. The documents you will be asked for are generally:

  • Certificate of Residence,
  • The diploma received from the latest education institution
  • 20-24 Pictures between
  • Criminal record,
  • A medical report on being a Shipman,
  • It's not a military or a document of a discharge.

You can submit your application when your documents and information are OK. You also have a passport and a ship employee, so you can easily travel through the ships.

How much do Cruise ships earn?

On Cruise ships, employees receive a minimum wage of 500 dollars or 500 euros. According to the dollar and Euro prices today, the lowest wage is the dishwashers and a dishwasher is around 1500 TL. Busies, waitresses and chef waiters earn at least 2500-4000 Euro/USD. If you sell goods or different products, you can earn 1200-2000 euros/dollars. Cleaners 700-1000 Euro/dollar, Room cleaners 2500-4000 Euro/dollar can earn. You should also remember that you can get a tip when you arrive at these ships. You can save a lot of money in a short time as you will not have to spend too much on these ships, which are often the rich cut for fun.


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