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Captain (Cavalry) (08:00-12:00)

He is the most competent officer in charge of the dispatch and administration of a ship and is also legally the person representing the company against the ship personnel and third parties.

First Zabit (second Captain – Master Captain) (04:00-08:00)

The ship's captain is responsible for the safe loading/unloading operations of the ship. According to the ISPS code, the ship security officer, which must be on board, is the ' Environmental Control officer ' and the discipline supervisor of the ship. The bridge holds 04:00-08:00 and 16:00-20:00 cruise shifts. Each morning gives the deck Reisine work before the shift; such as Raspa, paint, lubrication and maintenance attitude. It controls the safe operation of the personnel on the head and provides communication with the bridge top in the iron and docking maneuation.

Second Zabit (third Captain – Master Captain) (12:00-04:00)

It draws the route from a port to another port safely, according to the ship captain's instructions. It updates the books and maps that are utilized when determining this route. It performs control of the medicines and equipment in the ingot on board, makes the request if it expires. He does the first intervention in accidents on the head of the ship personnel. They're preparing the harbor papers. It holds the accounts of the buffet (slop chest) where the staff receives duty-free cigarettes and drinks. The bridge holds 12:00-16:00 and 00:00-04:00 cruise shifts. In the port, he helps the first Zabit in operations.

Third Zabit (Captain of the fourth – master Captain) (08:00-12:00)

The ship is the most inexperienced officer (in exceptional cases it may even have the most experience). Therefore, 08:00-12:00 and 20:00-00:00, namely, the ship holds the cruise shift during the captain's standing. It controls the safety systems on board (lifeboats, fire extinguishers, fire alarms…) and reports the detected failures to the ship captain. It maintains a record of training and instruction for shipbuilding personnel to be prepared for emergencies. In the port, the first officer helps with operations.

Head Mechanic Engineer (08:00-12:00)

He is the person responsible for the ship's machines (main, auxiliary) against the captain. It controls the proper functioning of the iceberg. Responsible for the efficient operation, repair and maintenance of the rudder system. It is responsible for maintaining sufficient fuel to the next refueling port, including the safety margin against the ship's captain. Keeps the fuel book.

Second mechanic-engineer (Passionist) (04:00-08:00)

From maintenance and repair of all electrical appliances including main machines, auxiliary machines, boilers, deck machines (cranes, windings), ventilation fans, all onboard electrical wiring and lighting system to the chief mechanic is responsible for. It also ensures that the grappling engines are well and operational in the air condition units.

Third Machinist-engineer (Çarkçı) (12:00-04:00)

With the routine maintenance of air compressors and seperators, it does the exercises (main machine and generator injectors, safety and starting valves, compressor valve plates, etc.). Lifeboat engines, emergency diesel generator to keep the fire pump running at any time. It is responsible for the maintenance/attitude of boilers with the test of boiler waters.

Fourth Machinist-engineer (Çarkçı) (08:00-12:00)

He's the most inexperienced machinist. It maintains its valves with bilge and ballast pumps. The fire extinguishing equipment in the engine compartment is ready for use with the appliance and apparatus at any time. It calculates the oil and fuel expenditure of the machines and counts the number of spare parts and materials delivered to the ship. It prevents the fuel from flooding by taking the oil in the refueling.

Electrician (08:00-17:00)

The entire ship's electrical wiring and equipment, dynamo, alternator, converter, lighting circuits, electrical power supplies, all electrical and electronic automation and their alarms, emergency alarms, flashlights, normal and emergency Keep the lights running at any time. Before entering and exiting the ship's port, Kreyn performs control of cranes and rivers. The emergency GMDSS on board controls the battery chargers of the general Alarm and lifeboat engines. It is located in the engine's apartment to avoid electrical failures that may occur during docking and takeoff manoeuves.

Deck Reisi (08:00-17:00)

It is the most experienced and usually the oldest ship among deck staff. Deck and deck personnel are responsible for the first officer. It distributes the work of the first Officer in accordance with the personnel. The first officer helps him to leave the ship according to the type of garbage. At the beginning of the Irgate, the first officer helps. It operates between 08:00-17:00 in the port and the spectates.

Sailor (08:00-17:00)

The deck is given by the remaster; To do the work of scraping and painting, rope works, maneuvers, deck washing, cranes and all kinds of deck equipment to lubricate, spare parts, reel with the ropes, to sweep the warehouses and sintines, the materials from the Portuç, shops and To carry the Kumanyallar, windlings on the deck, Crane, run and use the crane engines, chain, warehouses, tanks, portus, water and ballast tanks with scraping and paint cleaning, throw the guide cross, collect the maintenance attitude The maintenance and hardware of the boron and sliding scafframes.

Machine Lostromosu (Master) (08:00-17:00)

It distributes the work of the second machinist in accordance with the lubricants. It operates between 0800 – 1700 in cruising and port. It ensures that all the engine room sintines are kept clean, to do the scraping, painting and lubrication work of the necessary places.

Fiter (08:00-17:00)

Not on new construction ships. They are more elderly and are found on low-condition vessels. The machine makes the work of the lathe, leveling and welding, piping given by Lostromosu. It works in all kinds of repairs, ensuring the ship's workshop is clean. The welding on the deck, the equipment and the tanks and the warehouses makes the repair and renovation works as appropriate.

YAGCI (shifts with the reels)

The most important tasks are to keep shifts in the port and the machine apartment in the audience. It is to clean, lubricate machines, control the temperature and pressures of working machines, clean the skavenc areas and manifolds, move the machine supplies to the ship, and place them in the shift.

Cook (08:00-17:00)

The best way to use the obtained materials is to cook the food of the ship's staff. They also bake bread on ships that operate on the far road. He washes the boilers and pots he uses to cook. According to the status of the expedition, the list of provisions and the material for the supply of the first Zabite gives.

Kamarot (08:00-17:00)

He does food services in the Zabitan class. He washes the dishes. He prepares and serves tea every day at 10:00 and at 15:00. Prepares breakfast service in the morning. The staff and Zabitan do the cleaning of the dining halls. Cleans the ship's cabin. It cleans the shipwrecks, the offices and the toilets and baths in these sections, the Kumanyalis and always keeps it clean. Cleaning refrigerators, Defroz, duing of the kiosks and halls, cleaning, transporting and placing the ingredients in place.

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