Choosing one of the be

st maritime firms is one of the most important and most difficult decisions of a Shipman's maritime life. The most high-wage maritime company in the first place for a sailor is the best maritime company. The work you will find below is the most comprehensive market research made in the maritime sector, much more than an analysis.

We would like to mention from the beginning that when we find the best maritime firms in this article, we will convey to you all our experience and the industry's hidden, unshared secrets in a complete way. If you wan

t to be able to cling to this profession and enjoy your work, you must read this article from start to finis

h. Choosing the best maritime firms is really a great feat, no matter how well you do your profession or competence, the result will always be frustrated if you do not choose the right one. How

to choose the Best maritime company? How do you find quality maritime firms that are suitable for you, who care about their staff, without problems, with their salary high and on the day, and the complete promotion

of your insurance? Bes

t Working in the best

company in the biggest Mistake of Turkey's b

est maritime companies Analysybest maritime c

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e Companiesbest Maritime company Wo
rking for you the best maritime When it comes to choosing your company, it is very difficult to make the right decision as a result of the current

conditions. When you search Google for the best shipping companies or the best maritime companies in Turkey, you will often find course centres, brokers and new generation crew management firms. That's what we want to break with this work.

In spite of many articles and many reviews, which is the best shipping company? What are the strongest ship firms? It is unlikely that you can answer your questions. Choo

sing the right company to work in the sea is so important that it determines your success, your promotion process, the money you earn, the peaceful days on board, and your life directly.

The biggest mistake made by choosing the best maritime Company is "
the best shipping company, which means the best salary is not the shipping company," You have heard from many people (especially the staff managers) that we are fully Disagree. If you're one

of the best shipping companies, why don't you just ask people why you don't pay well? While we were do

ing this work, we blended the comments, experiences, hundreds of criteria and statistical data from you. The biggest wrong "do not INVESTIGATE" w

hen choosing a company. How many ships does your company have? T

urkish flag? How much does he pay? If it does not fuse (foreign flag) does the insurance difference? Is there an experience-based salary increase application (Senorita)? How's the rations? How are the promotion cases? How much is the wait time? Does he do private health insurance? Are there enough men on their ship or are they set to minimum standards? Is the expedition clear? Are their ships young or old? Is the elderly clean and well-maintained? When you're finished, can they download it right away? These qu

estions that we rank the most important in the above, you can not ask the personnel managers to visit the companies one by one, and even if you try to regret the reaction will likely meet. So how do we get this information? The answer to all of these questions will always be on our site. Let's all examine the substance substance together.

How many ships does your company have? There is
an important reason why we put this substance in the beginning of "CONTINUITY". If the company you decide to work with has 1 ship and you are in one of only 1 positions on board, then you will have to wait until the minimum contract period after you have assigned your first contract. So yo

u can work for 6 months maximum per year. Because a good maritime company never runs a regular shifty staff. The staff called the shifter usually comes aboard to fill the day, and you will regret not having to ship or work as much as you do and when you come back to the same ship. We call it

"the best shipping Company" should have at least 3 ships. For positi

on with 1 example: Captain, Chief engineer, 2. Nciler, Fiter, electrical officer, chief, Cook, Kamarotturk

flag? The ship
carrying the Turkish flag means HOMELAND. It means insurance expenses, an arreat that doesn't avoid paying taxes. And does that always apply? If

you try on a Turkish flagged ship, your SSI insurance will lie on a regular basis, your rights are complete and must be deposited on the day, and there are many rules that protect you. When your head is trapped in a foreign country, your ship becomes your homeland. When you fill in the terms of the unemployment salary, you will receive an unemployment salary and most importantly you RETIRE the day you provide the requirements of

the premium and age. And we don't work on foreign flag ships? Of course we can work. If our company is adding the amount of insurance money to our salary and we are doing private insurance, we can choose well. Approximately 35% o

f your salary on the Turkish flag board is deducted under titles such as SSK, unemployment insurance, income tax, stamp duty and minimum livelihood discount. So if you want to pay 10 thousand pounds, the shiitor will pass 6bin500 lira. This me

ans that if your monthly salary on the Turkish flagged ship is 6bin500 pounds, the foreign flag should be 10 thousand pounds. So they should pay 53.8% more salary for the compensation of your

loss. Unfortunately, 72 percent of the ships owned by Turkish Armators are foreign

flagged. Why does the shiitor prefer the foreign fl

ag? Tax Advant

ebank agreements and Creditbilitee

mployee Insurationst

he Turkish flag is on the grey list (unfortunately we have fallen back to t

he grey list) and what are the preferred

flags? Marshall Islands, Panama, Malta, Moldova, Russia, Liberia, Cook Island, Belize, Bahamas and Sierra

LeonePeki Turkish flag of choice is pure? Does he love his homeland? Unfortu

nately, we can't say this for the whole thing, but they're definitely not naïve. To be able to transport cabotage in Turkey, your ship must be Turkish flagged. Cabotage: It is t

he privilege that the State recognizes in maritime trade on domestic transport to its ports. In many countries of the world, the law of cabotage is a

pplied. How much does
he pay? We have also published the salary slakof the local and foreign companies around 50 and ITF salary scales. You can find a chance to benchmark them by examining them. You need to determine your salary scale and make a decision in your position.

" I'm going to get a little salary. "If you have such an idea, delete it immediately. Companies that pay more, they don't do it because the ships are more difficult, on the contrary, their ships are getting better. It's just part of the ongoing competition to become one of the best maritime companies. K

eep in mind that as long as you prefer low-wage firms, salaries will continue to be fixed. ITF: The International F

ederation of Transport Workers (i.e. protecting the rights of people working in the logistics sector and A type that determines the union. Why do c

ompanies have reference applications and how effective? Whe
n deciding which one is the best maritime company, it is a great idea to first understand how the system and the maritime market are walking. T

he best maritime companies in Turkey, and even the best maritime companies in the world, including the torpedo is valid for all maritime companies. This name is referred to in many companies. Don't lo

se faith right now because I don't have a torpedo. We'll tell you why and how. Depending

on the size of your reference, companies ' doors can be opened to you. Put yourself in charge of the company's authority for a second. The Minister of Transport or the undersecretary can call his nephew as an intern and ask whether he can be helped at this firm. Your answer could be "an honour for us", "I'll take my note and try to help." You can help with both answers. Let's j

ust say that the Captain/wheel head you've been running in your previous company is very pleased with you and the company you are going to want is better. You typed your name as a reference. This is a very positive event in favor of both you and the person who advises you and the staff manager, and we support it as long as it is use

d. When choosing the best maritime C
ompany to Understand the company's personnel department, firstly maritime It's a big benefit to understand how companies and personnel

departments work. Let's say you take a test, a driving test, a college exam or any test. Don't you want to investigate the exam before you take the test? If there is a book/test written to prepare for the exam, wouldn't you solve it? What did they ask the people who entered the exam before you? What should be considered the m

ost? This logic also applies to your maritime company. You should understand the staff Department's expectations from you very well, and to work for the best maritime company, you must ensure that the staff manager sees what you expect.

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