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Any country with access to the sea or the ocean, only the main task should be on the balance of the navy, to protect the coast and its territorial waters. Today was one of the fastest developing economic and military as a country – it was about that and China had an exception. The evolving superpower of China aircraft carrier "Liaoning" is taking its first steps in the development of the aircraft carrier fleet, confirming its kind of battleship China so far only one.

Historical background

After the collapse of the USSR, a ship named Varyag was inherited from Ukraine. The construction was stopped in 1998. As a result, the PRC bought this cruiser for $25 million. The Chinese aircraft carrier "Liaoning" withdrew to the shore of the country for several years. This turn of events is explained by the fact that at the beginning of the sixteen months the ship is wandering around the Black Sea because it does not allow it to pass through the Bosphorus Strait. During this whole time, there were negotiations. In November 2001, after crossing the straits, the aircraft carrier was captured by the strongest storm elements. As a result, there was a loss of control over the ship, but three days later the aircraft carrier was again redirected by sailors.

China aircraft carrier LionThe Suez Canal, the passage of ships without power engines, China aircraft carrier Liaoning had to bypass the African continent via Gibraltar. It must be noted that the ship carries two trailers. And the average traffic speed was only 11 kilometers per hour, and the total length of the route was approximately 28,000 kilometers. The ship was finally in China on March 3, 2002.


In 2005 the Chinese aircraft carrier "Liaoning" was relocated to a dry pool that was modernized with the latest technology over the next six years. During these operations, the body was cleaned and painted with sandblasting.

In three years, the ship was already somewhere else. The port where the engines and heavy equipment are established. The latest radars, weapons and mines were also delivered for the anti-ship missiles of the granite system.

In June 2011, chief of General Staff Chen Bingderesmi officially announced that the ship would be launched as an aircraft carrier. However, in general, the ship has already been used as a training and experimental base to assist in the construction of aircraft carriers, where Chinese production is being made.

China aircraft carrier LionIn August 2011, the ship's four-day gear tests were used. He returned to the harbor in the middle of the month until 29 November. From December 2011 to July 2012, the aircraft carrier controlled weapons and landed on helicopters. It's remarkable that the plane is landing.

Navy Registration

The Chinese aircraft carrier "Liaoning" (Liaoning CV 16) became the official combat unit on September 25, 2012, even though the plane has never touched the deck before.

On November 25, 2012, the first successful landing of the J-15 fighters on the ship began to be known.

Tartus in port anchors China aircraft carrier Liaoning

Technical Specifications

The photo shown below is the Chinese aircraft carrier "Liaoning", which is created with the following parameters:

  • Displacement-59500 tons.
  • Length 304 and a half meters.
  • The width is 38 meters.
  • The ship's draft is 10.5 meters.
  • The power of the ship is 4 × 50,000 horsepower.
  • Movement Speed 29 knots (approx. 54 kilometers per hour).
  • The navigation range can reach 8000 nautical miles.
  • The crew consists of 1980 people whose officers are-520.

Ship handles

Onboard Chinese aircraft carrier "Liaoning" is located in CV 16:

  • Anti-aircraft artillery: Type 1130, 3 × 11 × 30 mm.
  • Missiles: Launders FL-3000N, 3 × 18 chargers.
  • Anti-submarine protection: two twelve digit installations of unknown type.
  • Aviation: Twenty-four Shenyang J-15 fighters, four Z-18 long-range radar detectors, six Z-18F anti-submarine helicopters, a double Z-9C search and rescue helicopter.

 China aircraft carrier Liaoning CV 16

Expert opinion

As military experts say "Liaoning" is quite weak weapon systems. Judging by the objective, this ship itself is capable of defending only a small number of groups attacking ships. The constant presence of its next to its ' Liaoning ' problems for full transport requires impressive protection. However, the closest equivalent in the form of the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" can carry a greater number of aircraft and ammunition. Since it is autonomous and is designed for a fairly long walk to be able to deliver military aircraft almost everywhere on the planet to carry out their subsequent war and exploration missions, the best weapons continue to attack and attack-experts at the core of the Chinese aircraft carrier, the Army Argue.

China aircraft carrier Lionin CV 16

"Trekking" to Syria

The port of Tartus in the Chinese aircraft carrier Palamarla "Liaoning"! The most discussed in the autumn of 2015 was this sensational news. According to many world media, this war passed the Suez Canal on 22 September and entered the Syrian water field. As reported in many reports, the ship's ship was linked by the Russian Federation to a counter-terrorism operation against the so-called "Islamic State". However, after a while, the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chuning, said in the press that the Celestial Empire plans to send "Liaoning" to Syria and has not sent it. Moreover, the ship is operated only for scientific purposes, as before. It should also be remembered that China is based on a location that is based on the self-determination of the Syrian people. For this reason, the titles of printed publications anchored by the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning at the port of Tartus turned out to be no more than any other journalism "duck" that had nothing to do with reality.

Indirect Acknowledgment of the words, the Chinese senior officials may also serve as the words of Professor Zhang Junshe of the Chinese Naval Academy, which points to the presence of a special platoon in the Middle East region to fight pirates.

 China aircraft carrier Lyonin photoI'm sure of the Chinese carrier "Liaoning" in Tartus. Analysis Center's Russian expert technologies and strategies Vasily Kashin. According to him, the ship has training, so it cannot be disassembled into combat operations. And if China really wants to intervene in the Syrian conflict, it will most likely send ships of the type "project 071" to fight terrorists. Although everyone does not understand that China's aircraft carrier Liaoning is in Tartus, the Chinese leadership is waiting for the situation in Syria.

The ambitions of the People's Republic of China

The Defense Ministry, the world's largest country, has officially confirmed the construction of the second aircraft carrier. The department's representative, Yang Yujun, said this ship was fully developed by Chinese experts. The ship's construction takes place at the port of Dalian (Liaoning province).

It also reports that the dislocation of the new combat unit will be within 50 thousand tonnes. The operation is planned for the transport of J-15 type fighters.

Ship Properties

So, where the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning, we understood a lot. Now we need to deal with the aerechnical equipment. The original Soviet project almost completely retained the elements originally placed by the 11435, namely:

  • Springboard (no catapult).
  • Three positions to start with retractable lag and gas deflector shields.
  • Optical Landing System.
  • Four aircraft pilots with hydraulic drive and brake machines.Where is the aircraft carrier lion

The Example of the head of the landing on the American is mounted on the left side of the ship's aft flight deck. Sailors on the deck of Liaoning are dressed as their American counterparts. By looking at the color scheme of the Chinese sailors ' uniforms, the form is completely copied.

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